Friday, September 11, 2009

Why the Truth Matters!

Dis-information - lies and knowingly false statements crumble our democracy, nation and markets at their very core.

The very foundation of the markets and country depend exclusively on the truth to function at their optimum.

Turning this country and our markets over to those who practice the art of deception will ruin the country.

It has already ruined the markets and the civility that is necessary for political discourse...the next threshold to cross will be a civil war.

One might be coming if we don't demand truth and demand the FCC restore the fairness doctrine to media.

Please invest spiritually, financially and emotionally with truth, honor and integrity, and promote it within your business and throughout your politics and life.

Teach it to your children.

This country is about to rip in half because of charlatans trying to be famous and rich and the disenfranchised they whip into a frenzy when anyone challenges the Status Quo (the people paying them).

They have an utter contempt for anything but themselves. They work at FOX News and they think it's funny.

Here's a brief article that gets right at the problem.

What's Wrong With the Media

Stay informed with "fact check" a source for truth!

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Mimi said...

I was just explaining to someone today how I no longer use televised (or even some online) media sources for my news. It is not news. A LOT of it is false. Most of it is opinions. I don't want opinions, I want to know what is going on. If I wanted an opinion, I would ask someone at the bar.