Thursday, September 17, 2009


Since President Obama's inauguration, Fox News has officially abandoned its already dubious standing as a news organization and is now engaging in outright political activism, completing its transition into the 24/7 media wing of the far-right conservative movement.

Fox News' leaders have admitted as much themselves. In a March interview with the Los Angeles Times, Fox News chief Roger Ailes described his network as "the Alamo," and Fox News vice president for programming Bill Shine has referred to the station as the "voice of opposition." Clearly, Fox's employees have taken their bosses' words to heart. Led by resident demagogue Glenn Beck, Fox has spent much of the year openly advocating against the Democratic Congress and White House. Beck and Fox aggressively promoted and encouraged attendance at the anti-Obama Tax Day tea parties in April and subsequent follow-up events, including this past weekend's 9-12 protest in Washington, D.C. During the August congressional recess, Fox hosts frequently lauded and encouraged the health care town hall disrupters. And now, emboldened by the resignation of White House green jobs adviser Van Jones, Beck and Fox have launched an all-out witch hunt against Obama officials and nominees.

Fox isn't going to change on its own. We have to expose the network for what it is. We have to fight back.

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