Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Walter Wolfman Washington

I went to see Walter a few weeks ago and got funked up! It was awesome. I needed to post something up about this unsung Cresent City hero and quick! I had the opportunity to play his music on my radio show a few years back. What I get most out of Walter is that good Philly soul sound mixed with the blues and funk and seared with New Orleans everything. Earth Wind and Fire meets the DelFonics and Chris Cain and I'm not even getting close to explaining the great house party music he and the roadmasters pump out. Walter is a pure entertainer and has been in the business a very long time. He's the real deal and has 50 years of playing and listening, touring and entertaining under his belt. Rip open his repertoire and you'll find a gumbo stew of influences all of them cool. He had fans whipping out their cell phones telling their friends to get their asses down to the club now! I was knocked out that he was in my little hometown. I can recommend three of his disc's On the Prowl, Funk in the House, and Get on Up: Charly Blues Masterworks, Vol. 9

Visit his website and buy direct - this is a New Orleans musician and he cautioned all of us - our donations to the hurricane relief go through several layers before getting down to the people. So if you really want to help New Orleans - get yourself down there and deliver your cash to the locals first hand whether you are eating Etoufee or funkin' it up with Walter at Bank Street!

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