Wednesday, February 21, 2007

9/11 and the Noble Conspiracy Theorists

I just finished watching "9/11 Mysteries" and reading “Debunking the 9/11 Myths”- Mar. 2005 Cover Story - Popular Mechanics examines the evidence and consults the experts to refute the most persistent conspiracy theories of September 11 published in the March 2005 issue. These links represent both sides of the same coin. 9/11 Mysteries is an hour long documentary and the Debunking article is 9 pages long. Both are excellent.

Here’s the problem – when our government cries wolf (WMD’s) when oil companies write the national energy policy – when our representatives hide conflicts of interest and information from us – when politicians lie – you breed suspicion – period. Why should anybody be surprised by people who do not believe the official government story when the whole system is fraught with brinkmanship from the tax laws to the election results? Common sense screams one person and one bullet did not blow JFK’s head to bits – they clean and repaired the car before anyone could see it. Why are the records sealed? If Oswald acted alone and that’s the story then what in those records is deemed worthy of sealing? Once you start down the road of secret deeds, secret records, organizations, CIA, NSA, KGB, etc. well the results are paranoid people who know they have been lied to – all their lives - by scheming and lying politicians and those seeking and holding power. They may not know exactly when and where or the exact truth, and their theories may go far and wide of the mark, but the inherent quest for truth in the face of habitual and persistent lying across generations and across the spectrum of governments (both home and abroad) is not a bad thing. In fact it’s noble. The passion of the “conspiracy theorists” is in equal proportion to the secrecy of our governments and the sometimes dubious decisions they make on behalf of national security. There’s an old saying “honesty is the best policy” until our governments comes clean about their sweetheart deals, their personal quest for power, level the playing fields between the haves and the have nots and operate in a dignified and diplomatic fashion domestically and internationally – they are all breeding dissent. Kooky conspiracy nuts are the least of their worries, and are in fact a symptom of the governments’ (both home and abroad) collective dishonest actions.

Honesty is not some naive virtue. It's the foundation of civilized society, dishonesty is the foundation of chaos. It’s time to stop lying people across the board about yourselves, about each other and about everything and anything. It’s turning Eden into Hell.


Anonymous said...

If anything. the "truthers" have empowered the Bushistas. By murking the waters around 9/11/01 with so much nonsense about "19 Middle Easterners couldn't have done it", "our air defenses were impregnable", etc. They were, in effect, advertising that Bush was omnipotent.

A phony conspiracy theory neither requires, nor empowers, the advocate to do anything beyond passing the hat.

Anonymous said...

Oh God. Please spare us another moaning about how people questioning the official account of 9/11 are distracting from "real opposition". There was never any real opposition to begin with, before skepticism about 9/11 caught on. Bush did whatever he wanted, and only a small minority of patriots stood up to protest. So now its done. Too late. We are stuck in Iraq and won't ever leave until Exxon is pumping oil out of there. Yet some Americans have begun to realize that the lies of deception of the Iraq war are not limited entirely to Iraq. The 9/11 Commission Report, heavily opposed by Bush, is appearing to be an underfunded, hurried cover-up which fails to answer important questions, like how WTC7 fell down and why. More and more aspects of 9/11 are being uncovered with shows that something is very rotten in Denmark, probably that people in our government and intelligence agencies ensured 9/11 would happen to allow for an oil grab in the Middle East. History is full of "conspiracies" like these. If the evidence of it just being Bin Laden were more clear, and there was not hundreds/thousands of inexplicable coincidences (like military drills involving hijacked airplanes happening on 9/11) and oddities and failures of a proper official investigation that did not have the pretext that "al-qaida did it", then perhaps 85% of the United States wouldn't be suspicious of the official "conspiracy theory" involving a man in a cave, who used to be supported by the CIA, leading 19 men easily past the USA's $40 billion plus defense system. It was an inside job because it couldn't have happened otherwise. Jets intercepted suspicious planes 67 times in 2001 until 9/11/01, when 4 planes were hihjacked over a period of 2 hours, with some hitting buildings within the first half hour, yet not one of the planes was intercepted by a jet. In a democracy, people demand answers to these questions. And not in a hurried, biased "commission" in which the executive director was Phillip Zelikow, a loyal Bush supporter. If you can't deal with this issue, if your mind can't deal with it, and you must call us "loons" and make jokes about the X Files, then you can, in the words, of Dick Cheney, go f*ck yourself.