Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Electric Car (Who Killed It)

Whoa, holy smokes - what the - I remember reading about the law suit. This got swept under the rug pretty fast. I finally got around to watching the movie Who Killed The Electric Car rent it and weep. We are fighting an unnecessary war in the Middle East we could walk away from that region. Osama Bin Laden claims he wants the US off of his native soil and out of his country (Saudi Arabia). Let's leave. We don't need their oil and we don't need to sacrifice our service men for corporate mega profits. We don't have to be in this situation. What's gotta happen for the US to wise up and get away from the dirty fuel problems? Does Exxon/Mobil really want more terrorist attacks on our soil or anywhere around the world? Saudi Arabia (the government) invited the US military presence to defend the flow of oil out and the flow of cash into their country. The zealots want us off their turf. That's not that hard to understand. How would we feel if there were Russian bases in North America? Not too happy I suppose. What about the environment? Isn't it time we called the oil companies on the carpet and got these electric cars into mass production?

Turn up the volume people find out what independents are converting cars and go get it done. I was on the bubble about the hybrid's before but I'll be buying one next just to make a point. Although I would rather have an EV1. Put me on the waiting list I understand the batteries can get up to 300 miles before recharging. I'll sign a petition to congress and GM for these cars. This is a matter of National Security, the Environment and Integrity in the (alleged) fair market system that conservatives ballyhoo and proclaim so loudly. Where's Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to bring their weight to the discussion. MoveOn.org I have a new issue for you!

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