Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Puppy Bowl vs Super Bowl and Random Thoughts

First of all last weeks game was fun for the fans - fumbles and interceptions - goal line stands and missed extra points and field goals. It was mayhem in the driving tropical rains of Southern Florida. Chicago fans get off Grossman's back - in his first year he got you to the super bowl - chances are he has enough skill to improve his game.

Okay - if you haven't heard of the Puppy Bowl this is a must see and a great flip back to what is often a boring game year in and year out. So if your team is getting trounced and you don't care about the commercials or halftime show - scroll through your guide to Animal Planet and have a good laugh. I especially loved the tailgate crew in the parking lot. It will renew your perspective on what's important and what's not in a big hurry. If you bet a bunch of money on the game - oh well aren't you a sucker.

Discovered this quote the other day courtesy of Mother Jones magazine:

"News is what someone, somewhere, doesn't want you to know. Everything else is just advertising." - British Newspaper Pioneer Lord Northcliffe.

Words to remember when watching the boob tube ABC, Fox or reading the newspaper.

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