Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Illusionist

Just a quick posting on how much my wife and I enjoyed this movie, great actors, great acting, wonderful lighting and an intelligent story. This is a great movie. I'm honestly compelled to post something about it and highly recommend the movie. I have always been a fan of Edward Norton. He's one of those actors that embodies his character. While Deniro and Nicholson play versions of themselves Edward Norton has the ability much like Robert Duvall to personify the character completely. Since Sideways Paul Giamatti has been able to get out there so to speak and take more leading rolls. He also posses a deftness of emotion and acting that is just plain fun to watch. I do not know much about Jessica Biel but I do believe she has been cast beautifully in this role. The characters played by Rufus Sewell and Eddie Marsan are both portrayed beautifully. The acting is up to snuff and beyond so what about the story? It's awesome because it taps into something that is real for all of us and between what we know and what we don't know. Great things are happening in this movie it does not drag and it is intriguing. Suspend belief and enjoy. Okay, great acting, wonderful story, what about the staging, pacing, scenery, costums and lighting? Across the board this has been directed and shot beautifully. The lighting for every single shot in this movie is exquisit!

Take the time if you can and do yourself a favor this is a very good movie - all ages appropriate!

Well done, well done...bravo!


Katie M. said...

This movie was awesome! One of the best for this year!

Paul Burke said...

Awesome Katie - thanks for stopping by!