Thursday, February 01, 2007

Global Warming Protest Tonight February 1st !!! Turn Off Your Lights for 5 Minutes 7:55pm

A global warming protest the night before a UN report on Global Warming is Issued is to take place in France at at 7:55pm their time tonight. While it will still be light in the States I think we should show our solidarity of citizenship and turn off the lights in our collective neighborhoods at 7:55pm. I intend to do just that - please join me and our global neighbors (citizens).

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L’Alliance pour la Planète, is a large collective made up of NGOs, associations in France related to helping the environment and trade unions, consumer groups, farmers, etc. working to fight against the planet’s environmental problems.They are calling on all residents of France to mobilize and take part in a protest against global warming.

On February 1, they are asking citizens to please turn off all of your lights from 7:55pm to 8pm. This means all of your lights including unplugging surge protectors and night lights, as well as turning off or simply unplugging televisions completely. (Many televisions in France have a red light on even when the television is turned off.)

This small gesture is meant to attract the eyes of the media, and decision-makers - to get them to focus on wastefulness among other things, and how it is harmful to the environment. It is to also to show the French presidental candidates that global warming / climate change is an immediate danger and must be included in the political debate.

Why February 1st? A new report will be submitted in Paris the next day by le groupe d’experts intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du Climat (GIEC) / the intergovernmental group of experts on climate change for the United Nations. This will let them know that the people of France take the subject of global warming very seriously. The alliance wants decision-makers to work for the improved progress of the environment because it is an urgent subject that needs to be addressed right now.

For more information contact:
L’Alliance pour la Planète
Cyrielle, Les Amis de la Terre : 01 48 51 18 95

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