Friday, March 11, 2011

Wall Street, Wisconsin, Wages, and Warlock Blood

Where do I start? Charlie Sheen is a god. I hope he wins his lawsuit. The man is living outside the box and speaking up. He can do what he wants but step outside of societies supposed norms, and the powers that be that want us all to tow the company line come down on you. Bottom line is that a truly free man scares the shit out of people especially those trying to manipulate the masses, and those letting themselves be manipulated. Look for a whole lot of, "he's crazy" screaming from the corporate controlled orchestrated media.

News flash he's not crazy he's kickin' ass...I mean winning. And he's going to win his law suit because they had a decade to exercise their morality clause and they didn't so that constitutes a waiver. Go Charlie go.

I'm for a live and let live world. So what - he has a couple of babes living with him. He can afford it and as long as the children are clean and taken care of as well as educated no one should say squat. If he wanted to home school them aren't there plenty of others doing the same? Or do you have to belong to a certain religion or political party to get away with that?

Politics - Are the Republicans really that worried about the budget? Not since Ronald Regan turned America from the hugest creditor nation to the biggest debtor nation so the answer is a resounding NO. Billions of dollars in tax cuts that have done nothing to create jobs over decades the trickle down experiment is over and a complete failure.

The only people hanging onto this thievery in search of an economic theory are the ones who stand to gain an enormous amount of money.

That brings us to Wisconsin. God bless the people in the streets and good luck with the recalls. As usual arrogant conservatives are their own worst enemy. Instead of actually managing the country in an efficient and meaningful way they spent us into a hole, gave away no-bid contracts, gave tax breaks to their financiers, and drove the economy into the ditch.

Now they want to bust up collective bargaining as they try to take control of literally everything. This is about politics, not about a budget. It's about controlling the legislature and voting laws to try and ensure Barack Obama doesn't win the State. This is also about their greedy financiers wanting to own the public water, and electric utilities because that's where the money is, and they dream, droll and orgasm over billing each and every one of us directly. Enjoy your rate hikes republican voters. Don't say you weren't warned.

Pathetic cronyism at best but the voters voted republican because they fell for the wedge issues, and the labeling and the marketing for Republican campaigns.

Can we now stop pretending the Republicans give a shit about any of us left, right or middle. Unless you cut them a monster check you do not count. Stop being so damned delusional about the flag, and the bible, and abortion, and gay people.

None of that shit really matters to them except in using it to bamboozle you to get your vote. They stand for only themselves and their billionaire financiers on Wall Street and in the Energy Sector. You have toxins swimming around in your blood because industry doesn't want to be responsible for their by-products and cancer causing pollution and what are the Republicans proposing to protect YOU who voted for them - eliminating the EPA.

It's a tooth and nail fight between the future and the status quo. Guess what the status quo is going to loose. You can not stop progress but they are trying. My recommendation is to VOTE in every election and vote the progressive ticket. I didn't say democratic I said progressives because they are the ones who still have a heart who think that we are all in this together and that we should protect the environment in order to protect ourselves...not because a wolf looks like a dog but that god put wolves here for a reason. Whether we know what that reason is or not is irrelevant we didn't create any of this Earth but we sure have created a few messes.

When you put profit first, when you celebrate rugged individualism you can not preserve a civil society. So ignore the ads on television or in print. Get online and investigate the financiers behind the politicians and if you vote republican be prepared to have your ass further owned by those that only see you as a source of income to be exploited.

Kiss your civil rights good-bye. They don't care about you or your pointless points of view. All each one of you represents is a dollar bill to them and that's all.

They don't care about your religion or your sex just what can they sell you and how can they capture you completely for their markets. They see you as a commodity only. Because profit is their only guiding principle and they are proud of that. Nice way to run a company but a lousy way to "govern" a Country.

Capitalism is NOT democracy. Unregulated capitalism collapses onto itself and rape and pillage the natural resources of which people are counted as one.

Unless you are financing their campaigns to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars you are a chump to be taken advantage of, romanced during the campaign and then left at the alter after the, hoo, those are the facts - grow up America. Stop acting like a bunch of schmucks.

Vote your pocket book all the other cultural bullshit should be left at your front door. Once you hit the street its nobody's business but your own. Its up to the individual.

That's what this Country is supposed to be about; freedom of choice, the pursuit of liberty, happiness, and freedom. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, live and let live and stop trying to make everyone the same. We won't put up with it and its not in our nature. You have no right telling anyone else how to live. Government is a way to "manage" our society, level the playing field, prevent fraud, corruption and promote ethics, and personal, and corporate responsibility.

Government is supposed to organize and manage the macro realities that confront it including education, self defense, and inter state commerce. It's based on the realities on the ground not some pie in the sky ideology or by how one segment of the population wishes things were.

America has lost its way.

For instance the war on drugs is a complete waste of money except to the weapons industry. Legalize marijuana and collect the taxes the way alcohol and cigarettes are taxed and regulated and use the money in your home town on your schools. Smoking anything is an individual choice that I rarely practice, but if someone wants to smoke what comes out of the ground naturally I'm fine with it. The laws about operating machinery impaired already exist.

A practical approach not an ideological one will return us to a common sense government. If your lifestyle is a success, your religion so great, people will arrive to it sooner or later. Everyone wants to be successful.

Now lets understand once and for all the enemy is GREED and most of them work on WALL STREET. Those bastards gamed the system, played both ends against the middle, lied to their clients and bet against the success of America. They walked away with billions of OUR tax dollars. It was an eight year scam and heads should roll. What to do? Prosecute. Goldman Sachs, AIG, Lehman, etc. violated an implied if not stated fiduciary responsibility to their customers. No one would sign up with them if they said, "hey were going to lie to you and sell you crap," and then collect insurance when our products designed to fail failed. It's called fraud.

Jail time for Larry Summers!

We can put to rest that blanket deregulation works. Because of their imagined warlock blood Wall Street, and the Koch brothers think they are entitled to our natural resources. They take our tax subsidies and turn around and want tax breaks. THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL AS MUCH AS THEY CAN from the public trust.

Politicians are a dime a dozen compared to drilling the Grand Canyon or not cleaning up after themselves (BP Oil Disaster).

I know you don't realize it but its "your" public resources. But they don't see it as a privilege to drill, cut, and burn to exploit it they see it as their right and screw you if your town's water gets ruined. Good luck suing a multi-national corporation with your tiny mountain town budgets. And they would kill to make class action suits illegal. That's already in the works.

Finally corporations are not people the Roberts court screwed up royally. They are the last dupes and minions to act out on the philosophy that Corporations are better able to Govern this Country than an actual Government.

I've got news for everyone. If you put these single minded industries in charge of our public utilities they will bleed the middle class dry. The fact that we won't have any discretionary income left over to support the mom and pops and small business of the world is FINE with them. Even a small business is their competition if one dollar alludes their grasp. When profit margins, numbers and percentages are all that matter we are all just reduced to being a number in a mathematical equation.

Is that the world you want? Is that who you are 50 years of earning power a commodity to be exploited, a cog in the wheel? Is that why god created you to be a mindless drone in their profit margin only world. Isn't there more to life?

What would happen if we switched from a me society to a we society and actually helped one another along the way. The economy would sparkle and thrive and we would all live meaningful, fulfilled lives.

But until then you are just a number and work your whole life for the benefit of five multi-national corporations and 400 hundred people who don't care whether you live or die unless they took an insurance policy out on you (they do that you know) and you're more valuable to them dead than alive?

God forbid we have to work for these heartless bastards ever talk to someone who worked for Wall-Mart or FOX or the Koch companies? They hate it because its draconian and you're a soulless cube mole punching the clock while they try desperately to find someone who will work cheaper overseas.

"Small business is the backbone of America," - Ronald Regan.

He said that and he was right.

Diversity keeps the markets healthy and un-incestuous. Monopolies and oligarchy stamp out innovation and the competition. Its all about cornering the market people and YOU are the market. Do you feel cornered yet like a trapped rat?

Whats your alternative to gasoline? They have you by the short hairs. Whats your alternative to electricity (burning coal)? They have you by the short hairs. Whats your alternative to the phone? They have you by the short hairs.

That's their goal. They are an automated profit only mind set and they will gobble it all up, and spit us out to die on the streets broke and alone, cold and dying, and they won't give one shit about what happens to you in a shelter and tell you you can't sleep in your car.

The American Dream is their design to capture you like mice to run on the treadmill thinking you might actually join them some day at the billionaires yacht club. Fat chance they don't like to share.

Big business is not your friend, they eliminate jobs, they destroy the competition, they don't pay their taxes, and they covet the poor labor markets overseas. They are designed to gobble up everything for themselves and get away with as much as they can because overhead and taking responsibility for their actions eats meagerly into their bottom line. Ultimate money making efficiency is all they care about sorry about the toxins and the cancer and the pollution and the corruption and the stealing and the destruction of democracy.

In less than 250 years - shameful.

Millionaire politicians voting to lower their own tax rates and you don't get its us against them? Left right is just to keep the middle class squabbling amongst themselves. Its called divide and conquer. Hold your politicians accountable.

Big government is the only cop on the beat and big multi-national is trying desperately to weaken it, make it smaller and completely buy it off. They are so close they can taste it.

The Wisconsin protesters are the real patriots.

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