Monday, March 28, 2011

There is No Such Thing as American Oil for Americans Only....

All the worlds oil transactions are purchased on the spot market - there is no such thing as American oil for Americans only....the little bit of oil we have isn't going to make a dent on the international spot market where all the oil is traded bought and sold to bring prices down. We don't have enough to even make a dent. Its laughable the misunderstanding that's been sold to the hysterical.

So if you are for putting fisherman out of business, destroying local businesses, decimating billion dollar tourism markets, the economies they preserve and run, polluting our food chain and giving your loved ones cancer then by all means drill your brains out.

However, If you want to get off of "foreign" oil - develop a new energy source. If you want jobs develop new energy markets. I'll tell you who doesn't want that to happen big time (the oil lobby)

You all sound like a bunch of hysterical, cry babies. Its over, time to move on and quit your bitching - oil is 8 dollars a gallon overseas.

The dirty energy sector is one of the worse offenders nursing at the tit of government but their days are numbered.

The louder they get the more obvious it is that they know it. As a country we should have been investing in alternatives when Jimmy Carter said we should have during the last embargo in the 1970's but no the oil lobby didn't want to loose any business not one red cent of government subsidies was allowed to go to any potential energy market competitor.

Big Energy will have to be forced into a different business model or go broke - like our financial sector and health industry.

The greedy sure are lazy when they hit upon something that makes them money.

Time to change fellas the future is here and its banging on your door - loudly. Good luck with that.

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