Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inside Job - Only Jail Time Will Enable The Politicians To Make Changes

Finally watched this documentary last night and I literally got sick to my stomach. I kid you not I'm still a little queasy today. Like the model American I am I have my hard earned money invested through 401K's, 403B's, mutual funds, stocks and bonds. I'm devastated that the sociopaths and douche bags are in charge not only of Wall Street but our Government. We have to fix congress and get the money out. Our representatives aren't bold enough to not care about getting re-elected. Nothing will be done until the old moniker "the guy with the gold makes the rules" is abolished permanently.

Because the guy with the gold is a sociopath, type A know it all, douche bag, who laughs at ripping grandma off, and who gets the same rush out of making money as gamblers and cocaine addicts. Science backs that claim up.

I was more than blown away by the colossal stupidity in playing both ends against the middle and blowing the middle up. The Wall Street madmen bet against both sides of the investment community, rated crap investments triple AAA, and then insured themselves against the crappy investments failure. It was a money making scheme that let them collect fees up front for the investments and then collect insurance money on the back end after the failure.

Then after they destroyed their companies they went home. So much for having a fiduciary responsibility to your clients, and stockholders. The CEO's skimmed millions and billions off the top and bottom, pocketed the money and then walked away. Most of them went back into academia at leading institutions like Columbia, Harvard and Berkley, and went back to teaching the art of the rip off to a new batch of students.

Some of them revolved right back into politics and now advise the current administration on economic policy.

You can be sure that there will be no significant regulatory change or policing of the industry as long as they are ALIVE.

Unless Congress and the political system is changed Wall Street owns our ass and they will continue to act like charlatans until they start going to jail in large numbers,and the public financing laws are changed. Until then the politicians can not act for fear of being blown out of office by the overwhelming amounts of money these guys, and their institutions, and lobbyist command.

Jail, prosecution and handcuffs are the only way to clear the way for new legislation. If these guys aren't thrown in jail we won't be able to change the laws. Since they want to continue raping the country, and stealing our wealth they will not stand idly by while regulations are put in place or restored.

Prosecution and jail is the only way to change the system...Eric Holder are you listening? Not as long as Larry Summers is on the White House staff.

I am in talks with my investment adviser right now about moving all of my funds out of the United States. The European Union has passed the regulations the United States can't. Because the guilty are in charge of the policy makers.

Watch the movie - now. Stop what you are doing and go over to NetFlix and put it at the top of your que or stream it but watch it, get educated, and then get active.

Here and Here

Otherwise it is just going to happen again and probably sooner than latter.

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