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Grazing Cows Equals More Profit

Isn't it sad in an effort to promote their products industry spokespeople will say and do anything. After all they are on the payroll. When that jack ass from the nuclear industry lobby came out to a press conference yesterday, and said he could look every American in the eye and say the USA's Nuclear Industry was safe I laughed out loud. A half life of a hundred thousand years of the most toxic material we could ever dream up is not SAFE by any stretch of the imagination.

The Agriculture INDUSTRY is exactly the same way. If you are still buying Scott's 4 Step Program for your lawn you are killing your lakes, water supply and food chain. Plus you skipped biology class in high school and didn't learn about the interconnectedness of our whole environment, atmosphere and food chain. Just because of artificial, airbrushed, pictures in magazines you as a homeowner throw carcinogens, toxins, phosphorus on your lawn, or have some truck roll up to your house and SPRAY it on.

Talk about tone death deaf. You have been marketed to you have been "sold" a bill of goods that is absolutely no good for you, does nothing to improve your health or your status in the community. Go out in the natural world. Take a walk in the woods. Now tell me do you see a golf course growing or a deciduous forest full of variety and color. People the lawns in the magazines aren't real and the lawns on golf courses are heavily fertilized and treated with all kinds of chemicals.

Brilliant only in its stupefying stupidity trying to achieve an artificial look that has been marketed to you for decades actually kills our lakes, rivers and waterways and POISONS our food chain.

Industrial lobbyists for Agriculture will tell you that if you enforce the Clean Water Act it will mean the collapse of American Farming. If you don't laugh in their face you scare easily, still drink the kool-aid of the "industrial revolution", work or worked directly for them or take their money to get re-elected. No one else is buying their bullshit.

Farmers who graze their herds naturally have lower overhead, lower costs and turn a bigger per-cow profit. They don't spend all that money on pre-fabricated feed, poisonous pesticides and herbicides, or need to spend on the abusive, violent equipment that is used in factory farming.

There are whole groups springing up now across the Country because the demand for organic food is booming. Who cares what they say on television and what the lobbyist say? Americans do not want to be POISONED - by industry, or anyone.

How stupid are the corporations and their water carriers? The only reason the markets hand is invisible is because the status quo won't televise it or promote it. Dow Chemical, General Electric, DuPont these are big, big companies who fully invested in the miracle of chemistry, uranium, and advertising back in the 1950's. A half a century plus later we all realize they over-estimated mans genius, and under-estimated the natural worlds - GODS. Man made chemicals in our food, water and air gives us CANCER.

How about a little common sense.

The Herd Grazers have a network growing. I'm more familiar with the ones in the mid Atlantic because of the Chesapeake Bay and its muti-state tributaries. The Bay itself is just hanging on but there has been a State by State, and individual, by individual effort to stop the TOXIC runoff that poisons our food chain and puts people out of work. We need more folks on board and this post is a call to action and will list some resources.

You do not have to be a farmer to help out. Vote with your dollars and contribute, buy and consume with a peace of mind organic product. I prefer the word natural because the blowhards who are on the payroll (employees, lobbyist and politicians) have a HUGE conflict of interest and their words can not be taken seriously. They absolutely can't not out persuade NATURAL.

Natural is not only the best way to be but the way god intended it all to be. Yes man has his place but he must also know his place. We didn't put this Earth here so we need to act accordingly not with reckless disregard. We are only screwing it up because when we find something we can sell we sell the hell out of it despite unintended or known consequences. Make the money for as long as you can and get out before the law suits and the consumers wise up.

The old fashioned way of grazing is best and routinely produces less nutrient and sediment pollution, the primary pollutants to our water ways. According to studies per-cow profit is almost double for grazers as opposed to the confinement operations. The Farm Bureau much like the Chamber of Commerce is also on the payroll of big business but their numbers have been blasted by independent studies from the University of Maryland.

Sustainable farming INCREASES profits. Organic milk brings a higher price. Keep supporting small, environmentally friendly farms buying direct from farmers through farmer markets and community supported agriculture networks or from retailers who sponsor them. It simultaneously helps to save the small family farms and our water ways and water men.

We are slowly but surly breaking on through to the other side.

In the end big polluters are bad for business for everyone when you factor in the whole market picture and all the inter-related markets. Profit focused, irresponsible, and unresponsive industry is killing us. They can not co-exist in a diversified interrelated market economy if held responsible for their actions. That is why they are always pushing for monopoly status through regulation, lack thereof, conglomeration and rigging the tax code.

Big business, banking, energy, agriculture need to be monopolies on a market field heavily tilted in their favor because the will of the people is against their heavily vested self interest.

When we have alternatives we run like hell from their unhealthy products and business practices. Tariffs block international competition and we are still paying through the roof for pharmaceuticals, demonizing the natural health industry, and prevented from buying high mileage cars that are readily available in Europe.

Its a rigged game for the powerful to keep them powerful despite the ruin they spread on our collective health and well being. Its a scam and it can't stand on its own. Yet they say they hate big government a government who funnels them oodles of money in unnecessary subsidies to goliath corporations and industry, ever consolidating, ever controlling.

So nuclear guy whose going to clean up your mess? Are we sending the bill to General Electric. We should they'd pull out of nuclear power faster than teenagers not practicing birth control.

And grazing is more profitable than confinement agriculture. Don't you just love it arrogant man thinking he can outsmart the NATURAL way as if WE put the Earth here. Hey corrupt captains of industry we are guests on this planet pretend you understand that someone/thing greater than you can even imagine put it all here for everyone to flourish together act accordingly or get out.

Here are some very useful links:
The Maryland Organic Food & Farming Association
Future Harvest A Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture
The Maryland Grazers Network Pool on Flickr (awesome shots of grazing in action)

Thank you Tom Zolper for your article "Raising Cows Green, Equals More Green", Save The Bay Magazine Winter 2011

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