Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unions = Jobs

Unions brought you your 40 hour work week, your weekends off, paid sick leave and vacation and did away with exploited child labor...

All hail corporations - hope you enjoy being locked in your factory/office while your building is on fire - morons defending for profit corporations live in la, la land and don't realize that profit being the only thing that matters leads employers to do outrageous acts of larceny, bouncing checks, monitoring bathroom breaks, all in the name of profits.

What kind of world do you want to live in - don't fool yourself in thinking you can go it alone - you - whoever you are you depend on a civil society to protect and support you - from the ambulance drivers, to the traffic cops to the interstate highways, to the farmers picking your food and the truck drivers bringing it to you and your neighbors next door.

A return to the bad old days of supreme corporate power is fascism and that's not going to make this a more peaceful, educated, prosperous, civilized society. Your grandma will be eating cat food and living in the street because you won't be able to afford to help her out and some wall streeter skipped town with her savings. Regulations protect us and create jobs and open up markets that the status quo don't want. Its called competition and its not good for GE, or Verizon.

Why should they pay anyone a living wage? There's always someone else to exploit and who's piloting that plane anyway? You want four or five of them to go down first until the corporate powers wake up and start hiring qualified rested pilots? With a profit first mindset corporations are driven to cut corner after corner, after corner until something breaks down like an exploding oil rig.

Unregulated capitalism is self destructive. Cutting corners is rewarded. Resources (that includes people) are just decimated for short term gain. There is no accountability because that is expensive, and raw sewage is just dumped in your drinking water because that's cheaper to do.

Corporations do not have one iota of macro-economic vision or responsibility to the whole. Its all about "their" bottom line, cut corners, costs and eliminate the competition. Unregulated capitalism is incestuous. Shills for corporate power have absolutely no idea how undemocratic they are being and have no idea that absentee management doesn't work especially when it comes to governing a country. You want the wild west we can all be armed and wander the streets killing each other look at Somalia, Hatti that's what anti-union idiots are pushing for.

Unless you can form a union and strike for better wages, and conditions you are toast and the thugs represent the rich and powerful that's who pays them. And they will shoot you down in the street. Read your history and read your bible. Economic disparity brings bloodshed.

What do you think is going on in the Middle East? A lack of representation has exacerbated the wealth being horded by the few and the majority are expected to live in squalor. So is that the end goal rioting in the street armed conflict among Americans anarchy, killing your neighbor, children and women?

Smarten up people we are all in this together, power has to be checked and held accountable and our system of laws is the only non-violent way to accomplish that. The right to petition the government is encoded in our founding documents and it extrapolates out to the right to redress wrong no matter if its a serial killer or a corporation decimating our public (land or people).

To see how much you can steal by gaming that system is treason and gives birth to fascism. Its been sold as the American way - "its just business". But its self destructive, corrupting and evil - not the key to a successful country.

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