Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's "Journey Home" About?

I get asked this question a lot and even though its a one off question I haven't been able to come up with a one off answer. There aren't any vampires in it if that helps. Journey Home took over twenty years to write and finish so that should tell you it has some substance and thought behind the story. It's not a formula book. It was a labor of love and written to offer a little entertainment and maybe a slightly different way of looking at the world.

It's deep but its fun and the story has a bunch of twists and turns. After reading a slew of classics I finally sat down and wrote the book I always wanted to read. It was an unbelievable process filled with frustration, heartache and joy, peaks and valleys. The sheer determination and energy put into it I think comes out in the end. It was worth the struggle to see it through. The reader comments speak for themselves.

But what is Journey Home about? Well it's about everything. It's about life, its about love, its about adventure, its about travel, its about music, its about crime, its about anger, its about bloodshed, its about death, its about life - oh wait I already said that - its about humor, its about the art of creation, its about song, its about earth, its about the universe, the stars in the sky and the water in the ground. Its about consciousness, its about a band, its about teenagers, its about adults, its about decisions, choices, and results. Its about wrong and right and the middle area between the two.

Its about a bunch of people thrown together with a few other people and a bunch of stuff happens, some good, some bad, some horrible, some supreme with still more people and everyone having a helluva time whether they know it or not.

In fact if I started to get into the details I would give the story away and I'm not going to do that. So if you want to know what Journey Home is about read the book. What is so awesome about reading is that it involves you, and your inner self,and what you bring to the story,and how you interpret what is around you, and how it mingles with your internal dialogue, and Journey Home is about that as well, and oh yeah there's sex.

Journey Home

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