Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Message To Tea Baggers and the Greens

Of course some want the health care bill killed it wasn't their parties idea. But that kind of us against them thinking is what enables corporate america to step into the divide and take control. The corporatist are going to rig the system in their favor. No matter what political party you align yourself with the corporatist win as they fight tooth and nail to direct OUR tax dollars their way, and WE THE PEOPLE loose.

Most of us just want the politicians whichever party they belong to doing a good job for the american people.

Over 60% of all US bankruptcies are attributable to medical problems. Most victims are middle class, well educated and have health insurance - (The American Journal of Medicine)

The insurance companies and their representatives in Congress would love to perpetuate a business model that is crippling our overall economy – a bunch of great Americans aren’t they? Because its about their wealth and not the health and well being of the entire Country.

If we get a compromise reform Bill through this Congress that ends the pre-existing conditions exclusions, adds full insurance portability, makes it illegal for insurers to drop patients or raise their rates just because they get sick, repeals the anti-trust exemption, allows for national programs but prevents consolidation, conglomeration and "too big to fail", and gets the same policy prices for us as the congressmen and women pay - as well as setting up exchanges to increase competition, then we will really have done something important.

That the republican party hasn't taken the opportunity to participate in the bipartisanship that was offered to them by this new administration is unconscionable bordering on treasonous and flat out petty.

Their main goal is to win elections - not govern, and to the extent they are on the other side of the isle try and make sure this Presidents star doesn't rise any further.

These are not people with "our" best interest at heart. Us against them is ruining this country and quite frankly I think the tea-baggers should sit down with the greens.

Both the far right and the far left have a lot in common mainly their total disgust with the Status Quo, wall street and big oil stealing our tax dollars. Why are the hyper profitable oil companies receiving tax dollars - millions - when that money could be going to veterans benefits?

I saw the fire congress bumper stickers believe me we all feel the same way. You want us against them? How about the people vs the lobbyist and the corporate buyout and rigging of our so called representative government. How about a tax overhaul so that everyone is paying their fair share, how about the corporate person hood overturn so that CEO's are held accountable for their actions?

A slavish focus on profit margin might be good for the individual or a business, but it is one helluva lousy way to "govern" a Country. Most congressmen both (D) and (R) are just personally owned and wholly owned subsidiaries of Corporate America.

Sad but true. But there is hope even though major corporate media won't talk about it because they are gaming the system, consolidating and just the P.R. machines for the biggest of the big conglomerations and their political puppets in congress.

Still - we - us - far right - far left and those in the middle can fix it all with campaign finance reform.

The status quo doesn't want us talking about that (anything but that) but that's what should happen. Campaign finance reform is what we should ALL be talking about morning, noon and night. We have a broken country hijacked by the highest bidders. Campaign finance reform - make that your number one talking point - then we can get back to governing by common sense, and stop accusing each other of complete non-sense. People who want clean air and clean water and to help their fellow Americans are not socialist, commies who hate Jesus, and right to gun ownership, deficit hawks - do not want to see people kicked out of their homes.

It has been my experience that it is the rare politician who puts country first but not rare at all for the citizens left, right and center. We need to join together to fix our politicians because they are incapable of fixing themselves - campaign finance reform and lobby reform TODAY!

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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