Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Three Heads of the Apocalypse

The so-called conservatives (I wish they actually had been) since Regan have been promoting ideology over practical, common sense governing for decades. Milton Freidman and Ayn Rand and the mythical pillars of the free market system being a panacea for ALL of our problems is patently naive, a prayer for easy answers, a license to steal (wall street deregulation) and none of it takes into account the evil men do.

If the subsidies that went to big oil had gone to clean energy technologies over the past four decades since the oil embargo in the 70's we wouldn't be in a war in Iraq, have put 100's of bases in the Mideast - propped up a corrupt royalty in Saudi Arabia. They have pissed off the poor and exploited so much so that we now have Al Quaeda. All of that thank you very much as a result of so called "conservative" policies.

If they had been true conservatives they would have never gone into the "war and spend" business, but then again Texas (Exxon Mobil) needed more oil reserves to sell...if they (Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush) had governed the country instead of trying to buy overseas loyalty to preserve the status quo, and their own pockets - the "honest" assessment of our national security would have been addressed much differently.

During the oil embargo of the 1970's it was well demonstrated just how vulnerable we are to rely on an energy source controlled by foreign entities. We should have moved away from non-renewable resources and towards clean energy starting back then. But what was the first thing Regan did when he got into office? He took the White House solar panels down.

Think about this - Russian bases on American soil - Arabian bases on American soil - do you think the "tea baggers" would stand for that in their neighborhoods?

WE have military bases all over the world - and WE are surprised that there is something called Al Qaeda...those are the result of so called "conservative" policies - but truth be told there is nothing "conservative" about imperialism.

There is a clean energy sector busting at the seams to get out and re-kindle the economy but if the status quo can't make a dime off of it they are going to legislate out (through their corrupt politicians they OWN) any innovation and progress that competes with their outdated last century technologies and business models. Subsidized monopolies are not free market enterprises.

Public campaign finance reform is what we need so we can start governing for the good of the country instead of whats good for Enron, Halliburton and the dirty energy kings - coal, oil and nuclear power - those are the three heads of the apocalypse and all are national security risks.

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Jerry Critter said...

Public financing of campaigns -- absolutely. The politicians do the bidding of those that give them money. It is time we stop the flow of money from corporations to politicians and make it flow from the people to politicians.

You get what you pay for!