Friday, December 11, 2009

Solar World Round Up 12-11-09

While the status quo stifles invention, progress and our standing in the world, promotes two wars to gain pipelines for their antiquated technologies and dirty energy business models that destroy our health and national security - progress is coming. There is no stopping it just a lot of foot dragging and disinformation.

The tyranny of oil and their price fixing - how can gasoline prices go up when demand is down and supply is are aware that the price at the pump has gone up again aren't you? Price fixing, price fixing, price fixing oil, coal and nuclear the three heads of the apocalypse have a strangle hold on our tax dollars and politicians, and set prices through comodoties trading agencies in Atlanta.

The wrenching away of control by the insurance companies is just the first battle. Big oil we're coming after you next. Better start bribing the Joe Lieberman's of the world with more money.

In regards to health care if we do get a compromise reform Bill through this Congress that extends coverage to millions of people, ends the pre-existing conditions exclusions, adds full insurance portability, makes it illegal for insurers to drop patients or raise their rates just because they get sick, repeals the anti-trust exemption, allows for national programs across state lines, and it costs us the same as it costs the politicians, and there are exchanges to increase competition, then we will really have done something big, something important.

It's not all doom and gloom here people and we are going to go through the same thing with big oil, nuclear and coal as we try and get a clean energy bill passed. So roll up your sleeves, take a breath and get ready for the next round. I know I am. I can't wait!

In the meantime progress is happening. We have to make sure it isn't compromised, bought out, shelved and/or consolidated away. That's how the big boys do it they buy the competition out and keep feeding us their same tired old crap that was new back in 1900's.

Heck back then they liked electric cars better too but the big boys ripped up all the trolley tracks. They successfully manipulated the masses and led us down the primrose path to two unnecessary wars and a bunch of pissed off people because we are trying to extract oil off their lands while completely marginalizing their populations and propping up their abusive royalty.

Why do you think the Iranians hate us? We supported the Shah of Iran who did our bidding while he chopped off his citizens hands and feet. When you lie with the saying goes and the chickens have come home to roost...I think we should let corporate america make all our decisions and long term planning for us. After all they have done such a good job.

Who, who makes a long term plan of dismantling mass transportation and replacing it with a transportation system that relies on resources that we don't have enough of ourselves - that we have to bargain and deal with other countries, that props up our whole industrial structure? I'll tell you who - self serving, ignorant and completely stupid assholes - that don't have a clue and can't long range project and don't care as long as they get rich - that's who.

Here's your Solar World Round up for this week

Sopogy introduces new solar technology at NELHA
MicroCSP is an achievement in rugged, modular and cost effective solar thermal technology.” The 2-megawatt thermal energy plant utilizes 1000 proprietary ...

Mission Statement; Solar Energy Trade Mission to India, February 15-19, 2010
Export opportunities in Maharashtra include solar thermal systems and rooftop solar energy units. The goals of the second Solar Energy Trade Mission to ...

Australia Government Calls For Applications
On A$1.5 Billion Solar Program
15 , will target 400 megawatts of solar generation from commercially proven technologies. Two projects will be selected--one solar thermal and one solar ...

India's green energy promises
... will be a statutory requirement to purchase a percentage of electricity from clean sources, and a program for developing solar thermal electricity. ...

Innovation in solar technology helps conserve water, create jobs
It seems cruelly ironic that tapping into Southern Nevada's vast solar energy potential could slowly drain our desert. Traditional solar thermal power ...

Israeli Cleantech Heats Up

In October, Siemens purchased Israel's Solel, a market leader in solar thermal power. The list of Israeli energy startups goes on and on. ...

Lockheed Martin ramps up its green energy efforts
It has a solar thermal test bed the size of a football field in New Jersey and an ocean thermal energy conversion program, which uses the temperature ...

1300MW solar power to be added over three years
“The Clinton Foundation, of the former US President, will undertake two solar
thermal power projects of 3000MW each in Gujarat and Rajasthan. ...

$13M Awarded to Wind and Solar Projects in Ohio
Grants started at $250000, but solar thermal projects, such as the Great Lakes Brewing Company's hot water heating systems, received much less. ...

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