Saturday, December 12, 2009

Former Medic's Lettter About Health Care to Congress

Reposted with permission - this Veterans Senator is Jim Webb -


Dear Jim,
I am troubled by the direction we are taking in the healthcare debate. I was recently turned down by the Veterans administration for healthcare due to the fact that my income is more than allowed even though I’m one serious illness away from bankruptcy.

This was not what I was told in 1969 when I was needed by my country to fight the highly lucrative war in Vietnam. Robert McNamara’s book sure shed light on just how expendable we were as common Americans who did not enjoy the deferments received by the children of then members of congress.

I was a medic and lucky that my time was in Army hospitals and away from the battles. It was still difficult and to this day I still see the boys we picked up from the sidewalks that had managed to get to the high floors before jumping to their deaths because of what the war did to them.

Strangely, most were clutching bibles as something that meant something special to them, something bigger than they, something stronger than the fear and disorientation in their lives.

America turned her back on us as we came home from a war that we didn’t want or ask to join. She turned and looked away when my brothers’ caskets were carried from Dover to their final resting place and I can’t help but think that she is turning her back on us again.

We have all fought and died for this country and not just the military but every auto worker, steel worker, teacher and housewife. We are all living in the greatest country on earth and we can’t even afford to keep ourselves and our families alive. Shouldn’t healthcare be a basic HUMAN consideration that is on par with military and education as government run and supported programs?

The recent votes touted as “victories” in congress still offer NO support for the unemployed and uninsured but yet the insurance industry has managed to gain an even stronger role and a more lucrative role in our healthcare.

These are the same fat cats who turn us down for healthcare procedures if you’re lucky enough to have insurance. The same ones who will bankrupt us if we can’t pay their fees. The same ones who have paid congressmen to vote their way and not vote for the little guy who doesn’t enjoy their privileges or influence.

What do we have to clutch and hang onto as congress throws us to our death? Is there anybody in D.C. working for us that doesn’t put special interest ahead of all of America? Is there anybody? Please help us Jim. I stood with you and other veterans at your rally at election time ...and helped you. Help us Jim, please help us.
Do your part and help our veterans take action here

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