Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Enough with abortion already, already

It's called a political football people and for one I am tired of it being the centerpiece of the political debate.

Isn't it curious how abortion, gays and haircuts all come to the front during election time? All that talk is a smoke screen the real issues are the laws, loopholes, deals and policies.

Do you think the politicians want us talking, budgets, access, ethics, conflict of interest or financing or even the environment and education - nope not a peep - they would rather throw the old footballs out on the field and watch everyone get spun up.

Any religious sect that wants to seize power in the United States to codify it's dogma and force it on all the citizens of this great vast and diverse country is an enemy of the Sate, treasonous, Un-American, and ignorant of history. You want to ensure war hand over the keys of the state to any organized religion.

We have struggled for Freedom and liberty and shed our ancestors blood for it - I'm not about to tolerate or vote for any crackpot who doesn't "get" what this Country is about, or how come it is so important to preserve, or understand the centuries of history that led up to it's being. The religious right is tyranny in robes people get a clue.

Keep your eye on the ball.

Religion is a "belief system" based on myth and codified dogma as a source of law before the Magna Carta was written. You don't have to be a certain religion to be a good person. Yet there are organized religions out their right now who think killing is acceptable - if it's the other guy and his other religion. And our Pastor in Chief is a known liar yet he claims to be ohh so religious. Please stop falling for the hypocrisy. It's nice you are so religious and you are so wonderful and go to Church, but the body is the temple of the lord and it is an individual journey to enlightenment we all take with as many different roads to get there as there are individual people. It's not a one size fits all reality it never has been and never will be. We are all born into different circumstances. Do you think an entity or force who made this world and universe wouldn't have one religion, one color, one species etc. if it/he/she wanted it - get a clue.

Enough already - vote your pocket books. Religion and spirituality is a personal choice, based on a personal decision, based on personal life experiences, and a personal journey. Individual freedom and independence is what this country was founded on.

The separation of church and state is a bedrock foundation of liberty. Without it this country ceases to exist and becomes a dictatorial theocracy on the level of Iran.

Who's the best MANAGER and the least corrupt with the most integrity and the most experience. He's the guy/woman who gets the job. To the extent a candidates personal (religious)beliefs cripple his or her judgment in preserving and upholding the Constitution is when religion should enter the discussion.

Running this country is a business - period - and a nasty one at that. Anybody who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. At this rate the zealots will be pushing for fetus voting rights....Believe what you want to believe but the politicians would rather have us talking about abortion, gays, and haircuts than for us to take the time and effort to look behind the curtain at their shady business deals, policy manipulations and connections. Who THEY really are in bed with is the issue - always has been always will be.

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Steve said...

Good post! Now, if we only had a political leader out there to say the same thing.