Friday, May 04, 2007

Wal-Mart is Un-American - an open letter!

Dear Wal-Mart,
You are and continue to be everything that is wrong with America. You have a bunker mentality because the things you do are wrong. How can you not support Homeland Security when America is where you are making your enormous wealth? How can you take pleasure in homogenizing our culture and driving small businesses off of main street and ruining so many families lives, all for your own personal wealth? Does it give you joy to ruin peoples lives? Are you proud when you drive the Mom and Pops out of business - do you rejoice in your board room annihilating your competitor? What would Jesus do indeed? Do you get some sort of sick satisfaction that you pay demeaningly low wages, and don't provide affordable health care coverage? Does it make you proud Americans soaking off our tax dollars instead of taking care of the employees who run your operation?

The slavish attitude and archaic business model you have chosen has turned a handsome profit for the very few that sit on the top as you crush your competitors, and destroy the environment, and do everything in your power to increase the take home pay of the ten people at the top.

Whether you know it or not this is completely un-American. Were the men who sacrificed their lives in World War II - un-American - no they weren't - why? Because they gave of themselves, they did the right thing, they SERVED their country and your business model and behavior is the complete opposite (you serve yourself) of what it means to be an American. Americans care for each other. We know, respect and love our neighbors. We come through in time of need for each other with money and effort.

WalMart just takes, takes, takes - it never shares even modestly and it skirts the law and fights the will of the people and it's employees every chance it gets. At the end of the day you turn your back on America it's towns, and it's cities, it's environment, it's workers, and it's national security and hoard your money to buy priceless heirlooms to build monuments to yourself.

That's as Un-American as you can get. Whoever told you this was the way to act or however you came up with this terroristic attitude to sacrifice everything and everyone in the name of a faceless, corrupt corporation and personal wealth was wrong. To screw everybody and everything for your own personal gain isn't the idea that our men and women died for in World War II and this isn't the idea and behavior they are dying for in Iraq.

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