Monday, May 07, 2007

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

I have got to gush over this documentary/movie - it is absolutely wonderful. Animal lovers of all stripes will love this movie as well as philosophers and people who just "care" in general. In a day and age when enlightenment is in short supply (in the media, our governments, and our corporations) it is wonderful to see awareness getting well "air time" no pun intended. We have to take the next step and learn to live in harmony, take the time to understand what that means, and really deliver what I'm calling harmonic change. What does that mean? Simply out with dirty energy sources and in with "clean energy" sources. What does that have to do with Mark Bittner and Judy Irving's beautifully shot, charming, beautifully scored, heart wrenching film? Everything.

Each individual has with each moment in their life the opportunity to seek understanding, gain wisdom and exercise enlightenment in their very actions, and choices that present themselves day in and day out. How do we get Exxon/Mobil to abandon oil and go to wind power? Through an individual and collective dialog that is the result of individual choices. First action is to follow your heart. Nobody wants to pay for oil. I hate pulling into gas stations knowing I could be driving an electric car back and forth to work. If we act as individuals in doing all we can the symphony and harmony of positive change can and will create the ground swell. It's already happening.

Whatever walk of life you are in you can and do make a difference. All of my light bulbs have been changed to high efficiency bulbs. I have a lawn and use only organics on it, and it is a green as my neighbors chem lawn. Talk about it. My neighbor is slowly going organic. How about that? Follow your passion and badger your politicians don't let up. The lobbyist are entrenched in the status quo and they won't change until they run out of product to sell or we stop buying.

Mark and Judy's work clearly delivers one of many messages about how horrifically we treat god's creations. We are stewards of this one and only Earth of ours. How we live in it, how take care of it's creations, how we honor existence will determine our own survival in a very real and spiritually significant sense. We do horrible things to animals - when we start to stop that maybe we will start to stop doing horrible things to ourselves and each other, and the planet that sustains our very existence. This is the challenge this is the turn we must take. As Edgar Cayce once said,"before we can have peace in the world, before we can have peace in our homes, first we must have peace in ourselves." We are all a part of nature and we do not live or can survive a part from nature. What we put into the air we breath, what we put into the land and sea finds it's way back into our bodies. There is a better way and don't worry status quo it will turn a much more sustainable, long term profit larger than your wildest dreams.

Take the time to read Mark's Book and see Judy's film with a loved one!

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