Monday, May 07, 2007

CNN - Propagand Machine for Status Quo

Dear CNN,
You lost a lot of credibility giving industry front man Glenn Beck and his "Climate of Fear" and lobbyists unfettered air time on the "most trusted name in news" channel. Look pollution is bad it's not a fear campaign it's a fact campaign. Polluted air, water and land pollute our food chain, contaminate our health and degrade and destroy our environment. From overfishing to melting ice caps we are screwing up and need to move away from dirty energy sources to clean ones. We get one planet and we can't survive without it. Even if the science wasn't rock solid it doesn't make any sense to pollute and destroy the very environment and globe that sustains us. Pathetic that's what CNN is for letting industry related representatives with a severe conflict of interest plug their spin on the issue in order to maintain their profit margins and antiquated business models. The industrial revolution and oil in particular has led us into rivers of soot and global war. There is a better way. Letting the status quo distort the truth for the top ten on their board of directors to stay enormously rich is not news reporting - it's propaganda and treasonous to our system of representative government. Your boys at the top making those decisions to air that bunk are just as likely to get cancer from our poisoned air, water and food as the next guy - they better wise up.

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