Friday, June 01, 2007

The Destruction of America

I pray for peace in the middle east - have been since I was old enough to realize what was going on. But that doesn't validate the divide and conquer tactics of the RNC that has turned American's against Americans for that and that alone the RNC and their mouthpieces are treasonous traitors.

I love how Jeb Bush got his start working with ex-bay of pig Cuban exiles in Miami real estate - hmm Bay of Pigs did Kennedy have anything to do with that....back and to the left, back and to the left.

This has been a decades long overthrow of our government by Bush and his Nazi loving grandpa Preston - rigging the laws and padding their already lucrative profits.

They are rich enough not to have to destroy America from the inside but they do it anyway because their god isn't J.C. Nope it's cash and to such an extent that they would undermine the very foundations of this government (separation of church and state) for their own political and monetary gain.

This government was born out of centuries of repression by the Church and their puppet Kings.

Since the day the Magna Carta was written in the 13th century to the birth of the Constitution in the 18th century - (that's 5 centuries people) we tried to shed the yoke of oppression, and in less than three hundred years our allegedly elected leaders are giving it right back. Read your history and wake up. Your country has been hijacked. Did World Trade Center #7 really collapse from a few small fires inside or debris from the twin towers - look at the video it was "pulled" down - demolition style. These guys in control right now - it would be okay if they were just greedy but they are destroying our country on every level, health care, education, environment, diplomatically, even economically as the artificially high cost of fuel impacts every single business out there including your disposable income, and pitting us in an artificial Us against Them battle when we are all Americans. It's an outrage.

But just go on playing he said - she said - while your laws - the laws of your country get more and more rigged and distorted and skewed to favor the rich and corrupt and hide accountability.

It's not what they say it's the laws, learn the law and help to promote good law - especially in finance, conflict of interest, and politics and the environment. They gut a mountain, pollute the watershed and don't have to clean it up because of the way the LAWS are written - and the laws are written by the lobbyist and industry the government is supposed to be overseeing. It's unbelievable that it has gotten this bad - the FOX is completely in charge of the Hen House!

The fact that they cloak themselves in the Flag and Religion makes me sick. Their religion is money, above all and everything else, and to hell with the Constitution and the separation of powers doctrine. How can you be lord and dictator and run the executive branch with supreme executive power if you have a strong separation of powers doctrine? They can't mutually co-exist.

So the the FIVE century long struggle to shed dictatorial theocracies that still mire the middle east gets torn apart, chipped away at as our rights, and laws slowly erode. We didn't want supreme executive power concentrated in the hands of one person for good cause. But the conceit of the Tories lives on in the Neo-Cons - they know best and we are just the great unwashed.

To ol' W laws are an inconvenience as opposed to the bedrock of civilized society. He chooses which laws to follow and ignore. His cronies more loyal to him than the Constitution and America itself lie under oath and erode the independence of the Justice Department - and the Judiciary.

Activist judges? They want puppets. Are they ignorant of history or don't they respect the century long lessons that mankind has had to learn? The one thing for sure is that they crave absolute power and more money than they need or could spend.

So it goes and the brilliant design of our government is trashed through loop holes and propaganda media manipulations to stop voting recounts and turns American against American Red State vs. Blue State. And the one common thread through the atrocities of World War I to today - the quest for control of our global resources, the oil - goes merrily on, and the one common American name on the top of that oil trash heap of war, environmental degradation, international terrorism and blood money is not Kennedy but BUSH.

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