Friday, August 09, 2013

Jerry Week Epilogue - Eternity The Music Never Stopped 8/9/2013

Eternity - The Music Never Stopped. Maybe my CD player is haunted or rather through music consciousness beyond the mundane gets to flourish.

Jerry Week Epilogue: With antennas up and positively being open to it a dusting off of the imagination and a laugh, why step beyond. Can the message be any clearer? Within Eternity the music never stops, the music of life, the music of love, the music of fulfillment, the music of self the song of the same that feeling you have when you are firing on all cylinders. Could it possibly be can I say for sure well for sure to me is a distinct possibility how could it not be?

Eternity...the music never stopped. If you held a séance and you heard a voice would you be so surprised to hear those words, “Eternity…the music never stopped,” with a shrug? Wouldn't it be all you needed to know? Eternity the music never stopped whether here or there. We know it hasn't here and the allegedly "random" occurrence or the digital shuffle of divinity or just an old friend exercising his power having a chuckle, making a point and with the same old ease? Synchronicity? Coincidence? Debate it doubt it sneer at it I see beneath your protestations the ramifications on you of possible truth and the life you live on Terra Firma. Did you want a signed letter? An active imagination? You’ve learned the hard way not to ignore it and to nurture strength if you are going to crack the door for a daring peak. We shouldn’t know that’s why we don’t but here it is and there it is as well?

Hey easy rider you'll get this because you were not looking for it you found it because you were not listening for it you heard it because you are open to it you got it, noticed it later, and then put it together easy rider the not subtle plainly occurring manifestation of truth. Ahhhh but now the doubt the skepticism how could it be but why couldn’t it be who’s to say its not supposed to happen or did happen or could happen or didn’t happen but there it is happening and what to make of it.....nothing if you like but not me.

Put a crooked smile on my face and be reminded the ordinary is extraordinary in the strangest of places on a treadmill, in a room, preoccupied with breathing, surrounded by music and light feeling and listening. Quiet mind, stretching body and so my grateful friends no mystical trappings, no men in robes collecting money a message perhaps maybe yes maybe no but received nonetheless eternity here and now here or there on your way to and fro moving there or moving here the music never stopped. Was he as surprised as I am or just reporting back the now known and I didn't think anything was going to happen this week ....shucks, crooked smile, amused, brows raised unnecessarily comforted but the honor of awareness just the same (~):D.

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