Friday, August 09, 2013

Ramblings from Jerry Week - Eternity 8/2/2013

 Finally got the music rolling at the house Friday and selected Englishtown 1977 it has an outstanding version of Eye's of the World that I featured on my show. I had a bootleg album from "Rick's Cafe" back in the day. I held the cover together with electrical tape because it wore out (~):D. 

 Also grabbed what I consider the best - best of collection the Rhino disc from 2003 and I have a So Many Roads sampler.  I threw them in my Pioneer CD six pack changer with the new Brothers and Sister release the ABB from Winterland and the remastered Brothers and Sister studio and hit the random button. 

"Eternity" was the first song that came up - fairly fitting I thought - and had a grateful weekend!

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