Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Want to Stop Abortion - Plan Parenthood

To take "choice" away from individuals eliminates the relevancy of their own circumstances and point of view. Remember religion is not science - it’s a belief system and you are "free" to believe that the moment a sperm fertilizes an egg the soul enters the embryo.

There are so many different points of view on this and I doubt our scientist even in a million years (if we last that long) will be ever able to determine when exactly our souls enter our body.

In fact I would say the soul is still half in and half out of the body during the first five years of life - what do you remember of your first five years of life? And I would also say that the soul leaves the body every night as we sleep for adventures in other dimensions- we call them dreams and we are tethered to our bodies as we sleep - pretty far out but I'm entitled to my "beliefs"

Who's to say they are wrong - you can wave a book at me - but its just written by other men who have absolutely no idea either and were just trying their hand at social engineering and interpreting the unknowables our reality has presented us with (purposefully or by accident)

The right to choose came about in a time when people respected the fact that not everyone believes the same thing, nor that they should and that a lot of women were seeking to terminate unplanned pregnancies and dying themselves. Adoption and orphanages have their dark side as well - check the prison populations for the unwanted children born who now reside there - there are stats to back that up.

This back alley, self mutilating, hanger approach versus carrying an unborn child to term - was a very real consequence of safe medical practices being unavailable. Let em bleed to death in an alley is no way for a civilized society to organize itself.

The deep connection that 9 months brings to both mother and child and having a new born whisked away right after birth as if those nine months of bonding never happened is a form of dark cruelty in and of itself - is not acceptable to many, many women – and only the strong survive that ordeal. Choosing to carry to term and then just kicking the new born to the curb is a fresh hell - believe it and now for two people.

Society that at the time actually cared about one another and understood choosing not to have a baby was a personal choice based on individual circumstances wanted, needed to provide safe alternatives if our claim as a civilized society was to be realized.

At the end of the day if you support the principles of this country - the right to self determination, freedom of religion, the pursuit of happiness, and respect that each one of us in our own situations and circumstances are the ones most qualified to make decisions about ourselves - then you have to support the right of the individual to choose whether they need or want an abortion, choose adoption, or parenthood.

Parenting taken lightly is responsible for more evil in this world than abortion. A child raising a child, or make grandma do all the work, live poor, hungry and desperate making desperate choices upon desperate choices, turning to crime to survive - is it a cliché or a fact of life?

What I would caution all when politics involves itself in this issue - its meant as a distraction - a wedge issue - used to be called a political football. Its meant to be kicked around - for its ability to fire up the constituents emotionally, and distract the voters from the back room deals that go on - how many of you knew more about the abortion issue versus the fact that GE doesn't pay any taxes and Exxon/Mobile despite being the most profitable company in the world - gets corporate welfare subsidized by our tax dollars?

When it comes to politics follow the money. When it comes to abortion - which no federal dollars pay for (the Hyde amendment) - it’s up to the individual.

You can try and force your beliefs and opinions on others, proselytize, preach or reason but at the end of the day each individual is on their own journey and the choices they make are up to them.

A kinder, gentler, more compassionate generation didn't want their sisters, mothers, and daughters bleeding to death. Abortions will happen whether they are legal or not - that's a fact - and we need to govern from a fact based point of view - leaving wide open for the individual the safety to believe what they want to believe about their own life and life's journey.

What lessons we are all to learn as individuals vary from person to person - this is not a one size fits all world and the diversity of fauna, fowl, mammals, landscapes, cultures and ideologies are all reflections of a creative force far more diversified, infinite and profound than we can put into words.

It is right for each soul to make its own choices for their individual path. Each individual’s soul’s trajectory of life and growth is just as varied as life itself. And there is no one way to enlightenment.

Raising children is a life time responsibility - education and planning your pregnancy is the responsible way both as an individual and for a civilized society. But accidents and being unaware are a fact of life so what choices are we to make as a civilized society with a governing body - ignore those realities of unintended consequences or try to mitigate them, wish that they magically go away, or take realistic steps to minimize the suffering of our fellow citizens?

No one wants an abortion - but to cast as villains those that do-to kill the doctors that provide a safe and sanitary procedure for those who would prefer to be in a better circumstance when they finally get pregnant, is not the solution.

For those that do the killing and casting as villains to not support family planning and pre-sex education to minors is counter-productive to their own way of thinking and beliefs.

The immense consequences and responsibility in raising a child, the transmission of disease and the way to prevent all that calamity being WITHHELD from those who need that information the most is completely unjustifiable to the stated beliefs of the sanctity of marriage, two parent family and responsible child rearing.

Murdering doctors and vilifying individuals, cutting off funding for education and sending that money to the wealthy - is that how we fix the problem or is it politics siphoning off your tax dollars under the guise of a moral issue. Its
smoke and mirrors for the sneaky, and powerful who aim to increase their holdings.

If you want to do something about abortions moving the money out of Planned Parenthood and stifling education, and imposing gag rules about birth control is not the way to lower the abortion rates in this country or world.

The recent budget battle is just a re-allocation of wealth to those that are wealthy enough to direct more money and power their way. If they can fool some of the constituents that it is moral to do so - well that is the real evil.

Plan Parenthood!

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