Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Orleans 1947 - Movie Review

Having lived in New Orleans for a year I have developed a love for that City and music as well as the surrounding area. I always manage to get back there every so often and don't need to tell Jazz Fest fans how great it all is. I'm not big on crowds but I love a good sounding show and food. Yes food, cooking recipes ambiance and romance New Orleans has it all.

I recently stumbled on to the movie simply called "New Orleans" filmed in 1947 it wraps a typical B- romance story around the City of New Orleans and the birth of Jass. I think it was spelled with two "S's before it was spelled with Z's (Jass vs. Jazz). Anyway get this DVD rent it on netflix because it is a hoot.

I'm a fan of B-Horror movies the old classics so when I get something other than Citizen Kane in my mailbox I'm more delighted than offended. This movie is a camp blast and a historical treat featuring Louis Armstrong and Billy Holiday. Plus all of Louis friends and cohorts from his early playing days get shout outs and cameos. It's awesome, and they look like they are having a good time. The music is fantastic and had me itching to book a flight.

One of the movies main themes is the epic battle between the forbidden music of Jass and the chamber music of the "longhairs". There are fun flashes of joy and hilarity peppered all throughout the film. People getting up and leaving performances because the devil music is playing is just too much and they look so indignant its hilarious. Woody Herman makes a cameo and its just a blast to see all this wrapped up in a dime store novel arc of forbidden love and secret rendezvous. The sailors accosting the hookers on Basin street is so way over the top you'll laugh out-loud.

I love it, love it , love it - plus there are a few nice features on the DVD extra menu including a letter written by Louis Armstrong that is a must read.

Great, great stuff if you know how to watch these old movies with heart and any lover of history, music and corn (as in corny romance) will get a kick out of this whole shebang. If you love New Orleans rent it historically factual well I doubt it lets call it historically flavorful and doesn't that sum up New Orleans nicely.

Good Fun!
New Orleans 1947

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