Monday, April 18, 2011

Coal, Oil and Uranium Cash is King

We have to remove profit as the main point for ALL our decision making. Its callous, no way to govern, counter-productive as well as self destructive. Profit as the be all end all decision point for every decision leads to a sort of absentee management where we trash our coastlines, spoil our food and water sources and give each other cancer. Like fracking, nuclear, coal and oil is a last century technology. Can the heavy extraction industry still make money - you bet. Should we continue to live without regard to our very own, health and safety - nope.

Clean energy sources are available - there are work arounds to relying solely on the dirty energy sector. Put it this way is the computer you are using more than five years old, how about your phone then why on Earth would we continue to rely on last centuries technologies? Coal, oil, and uranium have huge unintended consequences, and the burgeoning job market is screaming for the clean energy technologies to be let on to the field.

Its way past time to move forward. The old dirty industrial revolution industries can still make money because the infrastructure is built around them and because of that they will say and do anything to get us ALL to look the other way.

But upgrading the infrastructure to usher in the clean energy revolution is in ALL our best interest for our health, for national security and for the macro-economy of the entire nation (not just Texas) and all the diversified markets and economies that include; fishermen, the billion dollar tourist industry, and all the small businesses even Ronald Regan acknowledged were the backbone of the country.

Too big to fail - well you already have - the dirty energy era has long outlived its usefulness - unless pools of radioactive waste sitting on fault lines is your idea of properly managing a civilized society. I didn't think so. Upgrade the grid, retrofit the cities, more high speed rail, better fuel economy, solar thermal, geothermal, wave and wind energy, there are even cars that run on compressed air (look it up). Market domination, consolidation, hyper acquisitions and mergers, and monopolies all unregulated, or unenforced have strangled innovation and crippled our markets creating a homogenized, incestuous landscape that is doing for America what it did for the royals - making us sick and weak and leaving us with a third world economy. It's time to enforce the Sherman Anti-Trust Act - stop subsidizing uber profitable industries because they have cornered the market, and invest in the future.

Sure the markets like a money maker but when did the markets ever "govern" successfully unless you think bubble economies and fraud are good for America. The unseen hand of the market is just a poor excuse for absentee management and that not only sounds stupid - it doesn't work.

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