Friday, April 15, 2011

Jerry Garcia - A Good Way To Pass The Time

Jerry really knew how to transcend the limited mundane view of our mass pre-occupations marketing, sports, television, politics, jobs, day to day, buying toilet paper, Brad and Angelina, our lives are filled in some cases with extremely meaningless distractions.

His traveling circus was more music than show business, art flush with feeling, more beyond than immediate, but still very much in the moment, timeless, thick with ethereal boundaries stretched and unlimited, poignant, sanguine, obliterating the mundane, transcending the ordinary expanding the synergy, broadening the horizon. He could conjure a gentle breeze at your back sometimes unfolding furiously.

Un-contained and unconfined slipping and floating seemingly swaying in the stuff of stars, the listener was taken beyond the perimeter, beyond a stadium, past a stage delivering our withdrawn selves outwards as it all expands with everything. Harmoniously conscious of it if only for a few hours, moments, perhaps stretched into days reminding the listeners and musicians, and defining our sensibilities, expanding our awareness again, and again like sunset, like dawn....with music, with story, with words as dew drops on a blade of grass, with love, with heart in a staccato trance, the river worn voice, the world weary soul, the aha moment, the beauty beyond self, the fun, the smile, hey now, the integrity of the divine, the love of it all, and all of it with love.

Jerry Garcia was more than a musician and his music more than just a good way to pass the time but it was that as well.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

Garcia History

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