Monday, August 23, 2010

Solar World Round Up - 08/23/10

While the politicians whore themselves out to the highest bidder and say whatever their pollsters think will gain them attention and votes the rest of us out here are trying honestly and sincerely to move the Country and World forward.

Alternative, clean energy sources are the answer to our employment problems, our health problems, our well being and state of mind. Until we live "within" our environment and not on top of it we will never know contentment, harmony and peace.

It's as simple as that but there are mighty rich people standing in the way of progress because that means the undoing of their in-particular "cash cow". Big oil, big coal and big nuke do not want to let go. But they can not stop progress and progress is coming, and surrounding them at every corner.

Here is the latest from the world of Solar Power and those that "Get It"

Rotating Solar House Generates Five Times The Energy It Consumes
A giant 6.6-kilowatt-capacity rooftop solar panel called the Sun Sail slurps up the rays of energy, pumping them into the home and grid. Solar thermal ...

FPL Changes Space Coast Skyline to Add New, Clean Energy Center
First hybrid solar thermal facility to connect to an existing fossil fuel plant, FPL's Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center in Indiantown, FlaStill,

ANALYSIS-Australia turns to sun, wind and waves for clean energy
Australia plans to build the southern hemisphere's biggest wind farm by 2013. Still, Australia could switch completely to renewable energy within 10 years by building 12 huge solar thermal power stations and 23 large-scale wind farms

Hundreds of jobs linked to solar projects
Next up after the Blythe plant could be NextEra Energy's Genesis project, a 250-megawatt solar thermal installation, which got its preliminary approval from ...

Indiana's Clean Energy Job Creation Potential « Solar Thermal Magazine
This week, the Apollo Alliance released a report about the potential for clean energy job creation in Indiana. The report, How to Keep Creating Clean Energy Jobs in Indiana, found that Indiana missed out on 117000 jobs when the US ...

Thermal Wind Power
The thermal wind power generator includes a rectangular hood as main body and is …

FutureWorld Energy (FWDG) Completes the Acquisition of Alternative Energy ...
According to the US DOE, heating water accounts for 70% of all energy used in commercial and residential structures in the US. Solar Thermal Energy

New Solar Energy Conversion Process Could Revamp Solar Power
Photovoltaic systems never get hot enough for their waste heat to be useful in thermal energy conversion, but the high temperatures at which PETE performs are perfect for generating usable high-temperature waste heat.

Plan for world's largest solar plant approved
Once completed, the project will double the amount of solar thermal energy currently produced in the US. The project, named the Ivanpah Solar Energy

586 electric vehicles already circulating in Spain | Solar Energy ...

Electric vehicles do not emit CO2, if the electricity comes from renewables such as wind energy, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal or Concentrating Solar Power, and Spain is the fourth country in installed wind power (behind USA...)

California Desert May Soon Yield Flood of Solar Energy Production
The heat exchanger is part of a device called a solar Stirling Engine that converts thermal energy into electricity using rotary power.

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