Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Power Grab

The power grab was when Regan took office and rolled back taxes for the richest 1% "only". Those richest 1% are the ones who have grabbed power, re-written the laws, crippled the middle class and gutted our educational system. The goal was to make people less independent minded and much more easily manipulated. The goal was to make sheep and not independent American citizens fully versed in their rights and liberty's or fully understanding of the need for governing the reckless behavior of profiteers. The profiteers have no regard for the Earth or the market system working as an interrelated function and they certainly do not have any regard for sustainability. That means tough luck to the rest of us unless we "govern" them.

Ignorant is easier to sell to, ignorant is easier to scare, ignorant is easier to manipulate.

The power grab continued with creating a supreme court based on ideology instead of precedent. The power grab was the Office of the President itself by George "W" Bush. The power grab was Cheney's closed door meetings with the nations oil producers, handing them the keys to the kingdom and the rule book to re-write.

The power grab was the dismantling of all the common sense regulation developed after the first great depression. It only took us five decades to have selective amnesia thanks to greed and reject the lessons of reason, logic and pragmatism instead embracing sick ideology like a rabid cult.

Yea America, yea status quo, yea captains of industry - way to fuck it up .......again (?!!?) **sigh**

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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