Monday, August 23, 2010

Mitch McConnell and the Piss that is Trickling Down

While Mitch McConnell tries to sell the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts as a hit to small business - Americans need to ask themselves just how stupid are our citizens.

I mean really America how stupid are you? 1% of the richest bastards living among us get a huge tax cut and pay a smaller percent in taxes than you do and this asshole Mitch McConnell thinks he can sell you that its a hit on small business.

The 1% do not plow those tax breaks back into the economy they send that money off shore into tax free havens called Bermuda, The Cayman Islands and Switzerland. Trickle down hasn't created any wealth for anyone other than the richest 1%. You've been sold a bag of shit while our National wealth is getting pilfered and hoarded by a very few Un-American people.

Why are they Un-American because you would pay your fair share willingly. You were raised to work hard and do the right thing. Help someone with a flat tire, or an old lady across the street. The richest 1% would kick her to the curb if there was money in it for them. And they have done so with their raping of her pension and saving funds - thank you very much.

The only way to insure re-investment from the unber wealthy who enjoy our roads and military to provide them an infer-structure in order to do their business in the first place is to tax those bastards at the same rate the rest of us get taxed.

Then and ONLY then will the money come back into the system. Mitch McConnell and his ilk are frauds, carnival hucksters and game show barkers not believing their own words as they pass over their own lips.

Right wing America you are being played for saps, dupes, dopes, and marks because they have starved your educational system and fed you propaganda twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. You have been cross marketed a lifestyle that banks on ignorance.

It's not hip to be square, its not cool to be stupid and its criminal to be so damn gullible.

Enjoy NASCAR, drink your Budweiser and go shoot some deer in the woods but do not believe for a second that the richest 1% of this Country give a damn about you or care whether you come or go, have to filter their pollution out of your food and drinking water or even enjoy the same things you do, live the same way you do, act the same way you do, or conduct their business the same way you do.

No way buddy they hold you in complete and utter contempt for being so easily manipulated, gullible and stupid, for spending your last dollars on their worthless products, and spending all your free time watching their advertising in your living room.

No way buddy should you accept or believe that trickle down is any thing other than you - yeah you - getting pissed on from above.

Go vote for the worthless, lying, rip-off representatives of con-artist republicans suckers - and vilify the guy who's trying to throw you a bone. You deserve what you get.

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