Friday, August 20, 2010

Anna Faris - Lovable Goofball

Well I'm not always up to speed on what's going on. That's what happens when you are focused on politics and the bastards stealing our country's wealth. I caught a few scenes of Anna's in Scary Movie while channel surfing years ago and immediately recognized something special was happening here. I thought who is this lovable goofball.

Still having zero clue recently I stumbled into her again watching a Smiley Face trailer noticed it was her, and immediately ordered the movie from Net Flix knowing it was a vehicle for Anna's talent.

What we have here is a cross between Goldie Hawn in her prime and Carol Burnett. In other words she's not just playing dumb but there is a brain behind her act.

After seeing Smiley Face I quickly loaded up on her movies. Just Friends for me took it up a notch. That vehicle for Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart was hijacked by Anna Faris and they all know it. Anna plays an over the top pop tart and well to put it bluntly I would have never watched that movie if it wasn't for Anna. Its just dreck. But Anna is a scream (no pun intended) and if you have even the slightest hint of humor in your soul go rent the movie.

Yes you'll suffer through the Ryan Reynolds fat suit part, but thankfully that goes away quickly but not soon enough. Here's another bottom line.....they could have made that movie without Amy Smart and just expanded on the story line of Ryan and Faris and their exploits. It's good stuff thankfully not buried completely in a horrid movie.

Up next for me are movies I thought I would never watch....House Bunny, Scary Movie II, Observe and Report. I can not wait to see Anna's scenes.

Smiley Face by the way was a stoner's paradise. In any other hands that movie would be pedestrian at best but as a vehicle for Anna Faris it is consistently funny and outrageously so in some parts.

Anna Faris has a sophistication behind her goofiness and exaggerations. She can channel a blizzard of emotional ranges in shot after shot going from A to Z and they are all played perfectly with aplomb. With subtle restraint and a hint of who's putting who on here there is outrageous whimsy and a perfect glint in her eye. It lets us know we are all in on the joke. Carol Burnett did that very well and Anna has got it down righteously.

Catch her movies no matter how sophomoric, juvenile, or stupid they may seem. Because there is nothing juvenile, or sophomoric about Anna Faris. She is just delightfully ridiculous in an honest and smart sense even when she is playing it seemingly way over the top.

She just might be the new Groucho Marx....and I'm not kidding.


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