Tuesday, January 26, 2010


All products that contribute to our ill health, pesticides, processed food and drink, cigarettes and alcohol SHOULD be taxed through the roof. People who profit from that which makes us sick, ruins our water, destroys our air, poisons our food chain should be taxed through the roof.

They have always had control of our Congress so no real laws have pulled them back in line and the dirty energy sector and the dirty food sector and the health hazards they instigate are destroying our Country, quality of life and our health.

Tax their brains out - they hide behind Corporate Personhood so the actual decision makers aren't held accountable - Superfund sites don't get cleaned up so tax their brains out.

They expect our military to secure foreign oil fields for them - so tax their brains out.

Give the subsidies to the clean energy sector. Wake up America - for the powers that be the only thing they understand is profit, money and greed. Hit them where it hurts and tax their ill behaving, greedy, whoring, short term thinking, could care less brains out!

I'm an American and I approve this plan!

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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Jerry Critter said...

You want to hit them where it hurts, raise the taxes on dividends, at least as high as ordinary income. Why should some fat cat who just sits on his ass collecting dividends only pay 15% while hard working Americans are paying twice or more as much?