Friday, January 29, 2010

Leagalize It

Hemp and Pot could be an enormous source of revenue and hemp has the potential to be used for paper and fuel. Don't think "culture wars" and take a stance based on pre-conceived notions.

Hemp was a bedrock product of the industrial revolution and it got put out of business just like the old trolley cars. Hemp needs to be legalized the THC can be taken out of it. As for marijuana didn't Al Capone teach us that prohibition doesn't work and only benefits criminals?

Why don't we get that enormous sea of cash back into the mainstream and generate a much needed sin tax. Congress Should End Tax Breaks for Polluters, and Invest in the Green Economy in more ways than one. Unless you like the idea of all that cash flowing out of our borders to Columbia and Mexico and don't think it could be put to better use here at home.

Any eighth grader can get his or her hands on pot but even still we aren't awash in it and some drugged out society - legalize it - educate people about it - de-stigmatize it and I guarantee you use will go down.

It's just not that big of a deal and us acting like it is creates a huge lost opportunity and a gross mis-management of a potential positive that could bring down our prison population, decrease our gun violence, decrease our emergency room and health care costs and increase our tax revenues as well as save our forests and decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

Uses for Hemp
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