Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Health Care, Choice and Single Issue Voters

Single issue voters are killing cooperation. If your religion teaches you abortion is wrong you are free not to get one. Religion is a belief it is not a fact other people, other cultures have different beliefs, and there are those who hold self - determination higher than any religion, government, or giving into an unplanned situation pregnancy or otherwise. Some even think that a molecule smaller than a thumbnail isn't a human being at all and that the soul doesn't fully enter into the human being until well after birth. These are beliefs not facts. In order to "GOVERN" a huge country with so many different people each one with their slightly different perspective on life based on their own personal experience the government needs to ensure that all people are free to self determination.

No one sets out to have an abortion, but the circumstance one finds oneself in may make it the most sensible decision. You don't compound a bad decision by making another one. Unwanted children fill our jails and streets, face abuse and prostitution, starvation and the lack of love. We have been given brains, and free will to "MANAGE" our life and our world. We are not supposed to passively shrug our shoulders and go oh well about anything AND we are to learn from our mistakes.

Making abortion illegal will only send our daughters into unsafe alleyways, and unscrupulous hands. Women have for centuries had abortions. That is a "fact" of life. Outlawing it won't stop it. Has prohibition on anything ever done anything but give rise to violence, opportunists, and lawlessness?

The only christian thing to do is provide and care, nurture and EDUCATE our children about birth control so they don't end up in that situation and confronted with that unwanted choice. Carrying a baby to full term and giving it away after the mother and child bond has been cemented over 9 months and through birthing is more cruel than preventing it from happening in the first place. Giving birth to a disabled child is a kin to placing the soul in a jail unable to express itself malfunctioning, and with a sick body filled with pain. Compassion is a great thing and comes in many forms. Unhinged frenzy in the name of undeveloped cells pales in comparison to turning a blind eye to all the cruelties that already exist in the world, being whipped into a violent frenzy over politics, forcing your beliefs on other people, not caring about the children of Darfur, or the killing of doctors.

For the record not every sperm is sacred its a function of microbiology that "may" lead to Hitler or Gandhi. Its all about the Choices we make - Choice is what creation has given us, and Choice should be protected.

You are free to disagree of course and isn't that wonderful and personal. The Choice is yours and that may be the way God planned it...or to put it another way butt out it's none of your business.

Paul Burke

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