Friday, January 15, 2010

Freak Out, Kill the Bill, and Vote Republican Stupid!!!!!!!!

I'm not in the whole reactionary, frustrated kill the bill vote for Republicans group. I think there have probably been some good fixes in conference and I am looking forward to this healthcare bill going into law.

A strong supporter of the public option it was whittled down to nothing. However I do like the national exchanges. The Dems by letting the Senate get out of hand could loose their seat in Mass. That would be something else to hang around Lieberman's neck.

He of course loving to grab center stage forgot to look at the big picture. The public option was nothing at that point but he made a big stink about it and here we are with voter fatigue, and anger at the sheer stubbornness of those politicians who are completely sold out to the status quo.

All that being said if this bill brings down cost for the middle class and says to the 1% uber wealthy - you need to contribute to the well being of this Country that has been so good to you - with its military, infrastructure and system of laws, and this bill makes them contribute their fair share - based on the giveaways they have enjoyed the past decade then I can support this bill.

The bottom line is that there is wide agreement across a broad market sector of the public, doctors, and business that the monopolies the insurance companies currently enjoy have abused our economy for decades and are crippling our current economy.

In a Country based on a system of checks and balances there are none for the Insurance Industry. If this healthcare bill corrects that I'm all for it and if you claim to be a free market political animal you will want those checks and balances restored as well.

Rolling back the anti-trust exemption and putting the power of the people onto the bargaining table not chopped up into 50 little pieces but through a "national" exchange is one way to do that.

Better times are on the way and more money in our 'national" pockets will make for a better more vibrant market and Country that can better compete globally. The 1% getting richer and richer and richer and being the only ones benefiting from our laws is killing the U.S.A.

That we might help single working mothers and those less fortunate than ourselves is the real mandate from above. It will be a better world for all when we all start doing the right thing....right Joe

Paul Burke
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