Friday, May 01, 2009

Thoughts on the 60's and Reagan

A lot has been said about the 60's - when you talk about the assassination of the Kennedy's Robert and John - live on TV and Martin Luther King, the poor policy decision and horror of war nightly from Vietnam, the violent side of the Black Panthers, and then the perversion of Charlie Manson - from out of all that negativity comes "flower power" - "give peace a chance" - communes, alternative lifestyles, grow your own, dropping out and a mad attempt at brother and sisterhood and utopia.

Is it any wonder in direct response to all of this political evil up pops in the streets peace, and love. The kids rejected the status quo and why wouldn't they?

The thing that strikes me is that during this time the political muscle put Regan in as Governor of California and then made him President. Guess what - we are still suffering from the dogma and doctrine of that political muscle, their war machine and of those who allegedly "knew better" than the liberals - even going so far as to making that word evil, and creating a myth that a loving peaceful society is some how bad for business.

They carry their bible and church attendance around with them like a billboard and sanction torture. These are the same people who beat the kids in the streets of Chicago and shot the students at Kent State. They are now screaming socialism (as if anyone is really scared of that word) and are doing everything in their power to prevent our new President from helping those less fortunate, forging a new sustainable economy and bolstering education. What exactly is it they are scared of - peace, love and understanding? At this point there is no other question and no other answer. Either we get with the program or implode from within.

With that in mind I suggest the “drill baby drill” crowd actually open and read that bible they advertise so loudly before it’s too late.

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