Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Health Care Patient Revolution!

It cost millions of dollars to die of cancer in this country - prevention and cleaning up the environment help to reduce our risk to this expensive, life altering disease but the financial wipe out of savings even of those working and with an alleged health care plan is criminal.

After years of loyally working (being a working stiff) for big corporate america and supporting the economy health care should be a birth right.

At the end of the road a devastating wipe out from a disease foisted on us by the chemical and cigarette industry and soaked by the greedy money grab of our big pharmaceuticals, health care and insurance industries is a crime against humanity.

The system of get em sick and then bill em is bringing down our economy. Nobody planned it that way (I hope for their sake) but in affect that is what we are doing to ourselves and our employees and captains of industry. It's bass akwards to say the least. People need to take a step back and look at the big picture in order to fix it.

We are operating at cross hairs and until we reduce our toxins introduced into the environment and industry and the government puts the patient first we will continue to cripple our economy, soak the sick of their hard earned savings and leave nothing for the spouses and children of our deceased and devastated loved ones. It is a crime, a rip off, and a fleecing on a massive scale.

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