Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abortion and the Secular State

Abortion a private matter between a woman, and her doctor has been turned into a public, confrontational political football and side show. As a political football it is meant to stir up the public, divide and win elections. A lot of thought went into the pro-life moniker and the Pro-Choice moniker wasn't just happenstance. But in reality the only people who aren't pro-life are the give em the electric chair crowd.

However, the every sperm is sacred crowd needs to realize what country they are in.

If you want a religious theocracy - move. And if the meeting of the sperm and egg are sacred then both the sperm and egg are sacred and wet dreams immoral. Why would God give us wet dreams if it was against his/her sacred wishes that every sperm is sacred? The righteous righters and absolutist rebel rousers better stop playing with themselves.

Tongue in check digression here but that is the logic.

If you follow the logic all the way out we are back to the repressed days of masturbation not only being morally wrong but if the far,far,right get their wish - illegal. It would have to be - if the meeting of the egg and sperm is sacred - you need both to create life. Self pleasure is a waste of the elixir of life and teenage boys and, men should be put in jail with all the abortion Dr's, nurses and pregnant women seeking abortions. So essentially the entire population of mankind except the non-masturbating (all zero of them) need to get behind bars. It can't be any other way if abortion is to be illegal. Those sperms are sacred keep them in your body or go to jail - turn yourself in after a wet dream - ridiculous ehh - that's where the logic of the pro-lifers takes you.

They forget apparently for all eternity that mutual masturbation is a fine way to enjoy each other and express love, lust and passion without the risk of getting pregnant and avoiding abortions. That is what they are after by seeking to make it illegal? Mutual masturbation is available to all risk free of pregnancy if for some unknown reason you haven't been educated about or know where to get the many forms of contraception, legal and at your local pharmacy. So whack each other away guilt free knowing outlawing masturbation might not serve the pro-choicers agenda. I guess sperm after all isn't that sacred - there's so much of it!

More to the point the USA is a Secular Country with a non-denominational belief in a higher creative force commonly and generically referred to as "God" because everyone knows man didn't create this world. The "God" refereed to is not aligned with any national or international organization or so called church. The pro-lifers need to stop trying to change that. The founding fathers knew from un-distracted experience the result of Tyranny and the evaporation of freedom, and liberty.

Women have that freedom and the power of reproduction and it is theirs alone. A process (9 months of severe body adjustment, biologically, physically, emotionally and the hardship of the birthing process, chemically, biologically and physically)that they alone have to go through. You can't take that process off the table or underestimate it when talking about starting a family - or what happens next. It is their choice!

Freedom of choice remember that - (see Founding Father documents and History). If their conscience is squared with abortion and they believe (for a multitude of reasons) that birthing and family should be delayed or avoided that's their choice based on their circumstances, beliefs, thoughts, free will, and personal religion.

There is no place for men in this argument. If a potential father hasn't squared his views with his partners it's his own problem for not bringing up "getting pregnant" before the deed has been done.

Just like Dick Cheney's daughter being gay politicians are hypocrites. First in line for an abortion if their little Susie gets knocked up, but campaigning against it to get elected depending on their district. In a public rest room tapping shoes looking for gay sex in the unholiest of places (a public restroom at an airport) but espousing anti-gay sentiments and legislation publicly.

This is the very reason the Framers and the Supreme Court supported The Separation of Church and State.

The non-compromising absoluters are free to practice their beliefs, and hell bent on taking that liberty away from anyone who disagrees with them. They are decidedly un-American.

I hope they take complete control of the Republican party. It was sold out to them a long time ago.

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