Friday, February 29, 2008

Sustainable Living Now - Off The Grid Housing

The future is now my friends. There are current housing developments up for sale that will just make you purr. Seriously who wouldn't want to live in a sustainable off the grid home. Well not quite off the grid but monthly water bills are $5.00 dollars because rain water is collected. Passive solar, rain water collection, atrium's and all very stylish these enclaves exist. Can you imagine if all our homes were like this? We could put the oil companies out of business. Look we are the grid if we all lower our "overhead" carbon foot print we can cut back demand. In other words if we aren't buying they aren't selling. While the press cries about consumer spending being down I rejoice. Less consumption of non-essential items puts WalMart out of business. I want people to work but in industries that are not only good for the environment but good for the employee. We can get out of this funk, stagnated old business model of antiquated dirty energy consumption and move into the future TODAY. We have the know how and can live in harmony with our planet and each other - that's the goal isn't it?

Check out the link in the title and these others- the future is here and now!

Green link
Green link
Green floor plan
Green section and elevation
Utility conservation
Resource Efficient Homes

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