Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Open Letter To MOVE ON.ORG

Not that long ago Move On members voted 70% to 30% to support Obama. Since then all the information I have received from the MoveOn Organization has been cheer leading. Here is a letter I sent to them.

Dear Move On,
I want to know why you are supporting Obama it should be listed by bullet points on your homepage. Never mind the vote count of those swept away by the fashion of Obama I want to know what are the specific policies he states that have lead you and your members to this decision, and not campaign rhetoric. What has he done in the past ? What legislation has he supported on any level, local, state and federal that leads you and your members to believe he is the right choice for the job?

That's the kind of information I need to make a decision. Testimonials about how wonderful he is because he is handsome, well spoken, and delivers pulpit like Sunday morning speeches are empty. The rubber hits the road on his legislative agenda, the planks in the party, his supporters who have financed him with the BIG dollars, and his track record.

Please for the good of the country stop cheer leading and get the facts out.

Then we can all make an "educated decision" other than being swept along by a fad or because Oprah says so. Come on Move On is supposed to excel in this area. I am hearing about big coal and nuclear power funding him early on in his career. Nuclear waste in toxic drums leaching into the water system is another example of dirty energy solutions gone bad. King Coal is the thief who has designed mountain top removal and blasts the debris into the valleys and waterways destroying everything in it's path. If these two big, corrupt, well heeled corporate monsters are in bed with Obama you are all being duped and guilty of group think. If these are rumors you owe it to your members who you actively solicit for money to ferret the rumors out and dispel them.

Don't fall for the song from the pulpit and his glowing persona and charisma, but who are his big money backers? Let's do some real homework here.

I'm repulsed and dismayed at the quotes from the Obama supporters who just gush at his "leadership" style. I want to hear more than the word "change" ! You have a duty to inform the MOVE ON members just what change he has supported and what Senate votes has he ducked. Your daily emails and homepage have been extremely lacking in that regard.

I thought we were all a little more sophisticated than all that, and who's this radical preacher in his background - his mentor? Come on guys lets do our homework and help educate the Move On members to this unknown, fashion of the moment, almost cult like figure named Obama. Maybe he is the real deal, maybe he's just good at public speaking either way I assure you the Swift Boaters are laying in wait to dismantle him spreading rumors about dirty money already. They are doing their homework or making it up either way are the Obama supporters in for a big surprise along the way? The lockstep frenzy surrounding Obama has me worried. So let's talk policy, actual votes and legislative action and money, and actual background and education the serious questions instead of promoting hero worship and adulation?

This is not a popularity contest. We need to make an educated decision about real documented substance and rely on the candidates track record and ignore the rhetoric. This election of personality is bogus and does our country a great deal of harm. After all everyone thought George W. Bush was a "good guy". Well look what that "good guy" left us after eight years.

Without a doubt that is no way to choose a president!

Author- Journey Home
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Attempting to Know said...

Exactly! The politicians always say one thing and do another. They also revolve around a few "hot issues" and make the masses care about these few "hot issues", while ignoring other issues that are possibly more important by not pushing them into the spotlight. There's more to a president's job than what to do with Iraq or gay marriage, or their view on abortion, or, my favorite, their religion.

People do not look into who those politicians really are, because they are too apathetic and are content with knowing some of the politicians stances on some of the "hot issues", such as saying "I like Huckabee because he has a strong faith."

Yea, the outlook is grim, and 2008 is going to suck, especially if it is down to McCain and Hillary. Obama is my first choice next to Ron Paul, so I really hope he will overcome Hillary and win the nomination because he is at least not AS horrible as the others.

Is it not a coincidence 2012 is an election year? Just kidding but seriously, our world is going to shit.

Attempting to Know said...

We live in an uneducated democracy, which people's minds are molded to like one thing or another while holding the belief that their opinions are their own. The few of us that dissent do not matter, as the ignorant majority is the decider.