Monday, February 25, 2008

Ralph Nader for President

I actually think Nader getting into the campaign is great - will they let him debate????

Here's an eye opening issue link

I'm not so sure that middle class tax payers are duly represented in our process, and could make a case to boycott paying our taxes based on the old refrain - "no taxation without representation" - this isn't a joke. However, as I have maintained all along the power is in the legislature to make laws, and we as citizens, must and I mean must be active in the advocacy of the issues we find important.

Advocacy links
Advocacy links
Advocacy links

That's where the rubber hits the road in our form of government. The republicans shut down everything I stand for including a balanced budget, smaller government, reduced funding of the military, and the redistribution of that money (up to a third) into education and research and development. The elimination of the payroll tax, the separation of church and state, getting government out of our bedrooms, lobby reform, the protection of the environment and the species that god (not you and I) put here, being better stewards of the planet (that we did not create) increased fuel mileage to 50 mpg (not the paltry 35mpg by 2012)and transparency in government, the elimination of lobbyist writing the rules, regulations and laws, and the public financing of campaigns, paper back up to voting machines, the return of the debates to the League of Women Voters (impartial, neutral, and unfunded by Corporate America), universal health care, sensible gun laws and on and on the Republicans have turned a deaf ear to everyone and everything except big money and the status quo.

We should all stop paying taxes this year and next year until we get what we want. We should at least be able to target our tax dollars when we send them in and that one simple change in legislation could make a world of difference. Tax reform is not even being discussed. Or another idea the elimination of the payroll tax would jump start this economy like a defibrillator. Where is the creativity and "outside the box" thinking. It's certainly not being promoted by the three front runners.

Our representatives are blind to their own ambition, devoid of any new ideas, unable to stand up to the status quo because their egos are tied to their jobs and perks and do not consider the big picture of sustainability.

What runs our government is the election cycle itself, getting elected and being reelected and padding their incomes, and connections by any means necessary. The actual stewardship of the Republic and the good of mankind is a distant second. It's pathetic that not even the Constitution is put first above the self interest of our dubiously elected (mass media marketed) politicians.

It would do us no harm to have Ralph banging away at these issue for the next 9 months.

He has my vote!

Paul Burke
Author - Journey Home

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