Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio - Movie Review

This is another movie I can highly recommend especially for movie lovers, dreamers and those with the ability and who appreciate the effort of bringing dreams into reality. It is a lot like giving birth both wrenching, powerful and fulfilling. As I put this documentary into the DVD player I winced at the subtitles (long day at work) and slow pace of the introductory credits - just fast forward to the start and within a few moments (give it a chance) the apparent odyssey of the journey begins and takes hold of you. The sheer joy in playing reveals ego, dissension, ability, understanding or lack there of but also the unbriddled joy of the creative process. This film is that good and another highly recommended movie for your NetFlix list! I really loved it and musicians and music lovers will chuckle at the insights, missteps, warts and all harmony of the players, orchestra and organizers. It's a marvelous piece - ENJOY!

Author- Journey Home

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