Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wake Up America

The problem with America is that we treat the Democratic Party and the Republican Party like two football teams we are rooting for based on very loose campaign slogans or cheers.

As if the Democratic Party is really for high taxes - that's a heck of a campaign slogan but not reality just as if all Republicans are fiscal conservatives. If that were the case we wouldn't have the largest deficit in history. This one is good "the liberal media" If the media is so liberal how come Air America Radio went in bankruptcy? Sorry the airwaves are overwhelmingly radicalized by Rush and Fox. There is no parallel on the left even PBS is corporate and under represents the left.

So until we as the citizens wise up and stop thinking about the two party system as teams we belong to and gosh aren't I so smart listen to me parrot the talking points, and until we stop falling for the rhetoric and swift boating tactics of the Karl Roves of the world ... and until we realize we have turned the country over to a bunch of elitist frat boys we are stuck with their arrogant, above the law behavior.

They take care of the "have mores" and leave the rest of us out of the dialogue. Please this year ignore the (d) or (r) after the politicians name and elect the best man or woman for the job. Elect leaders of merit, or we will be stuck with political hacks, featherbedding their own portfolios and greedily taking money from whomever.

Their votes to build bridges to nowhere, to give uber wealthy citizens tax cuts and not the middle class and giving the oil companies who made record profit subsidies (more of our tax dollars) is evidence of our politicians taking care of those that take care of them. The voters are an inconvenience. We are being righteously ripped off people. How about a reduction in the payroll tax? Is anybody talking about that? No! Why not? Because it doesn't affect the uber wealthy and their politicians it affects us Joe Six Packs only. It's not even thought about on the Hill. Imagine the boost to the economy and retirement savings if we all got to keep more of our take home pay. If the Republicans are such aggressive tax cutters why not start there? Because we don’t write the big checks. People – please, please wake up! They don't vote on what’s best for the country at large they vote on what’s best for the people giving them campaign dollars and to keep that money flowing into their accounts so they can keep their jobs.

Come on people stop debating the smoke screens and political footballs (illegal immigration, gay marriage, activist judges). Would you rather ban gay marriage or have more take home pay? Stop falling for the so called wedge issues and what’s being broadcasted on the airwaves, and vote your pocket book! VOTE YOUR POCKET BOOK! YOUR POCKET BOOK not Annenberg’s, or Cheney’s or Rockefellers, or Paris Hilton’s.

A return to public financing of all campaigns and the league of women voters running the debates and we have a prayer to right this ship and return this government to the people. Whether you like it or not this country has been hijacked by the richest 1% and your best interests have nothing (NOTHING) to do with their goals of importing jobs overseas and depositing the money they make in this country in an offshore tax free bank account. In the meantime our citizens fight and die to protect the oilfields that run those businesses. We are getting a raw deal people. Those of you who think by associating with either side (democratic or republican) that means you are in their club - uhah - no way - unless you are the one who wrote the big fat check and you've got politicians with their nose up your a** looking for your checkbook - you are not even outside parking the cars.

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