Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stem Cell Research, Michael J. Fox, and Fatso

The - "there are no results" - so don't federally fund argument is pathetic - it takes decades upon decades to advance medical knowledge. Should we stop looking for the cure for cancer? We haven't found it yet (going on fifty years now if not more)

I feel strongly that tax payer money should be used wisely and that the current congress and administration is just throwing our money in the street. How many Iraqi nationals have bolted the Middle East with millions of our tax dollars and no one is even talking about it - how about the millions in subsidies to Exxon/Mobile who ran gas prices up to $3.50 a gallon claiming China was using too much oil? Did China stop using oil -all of a sudden - oh no wait there's an election. But we all know how honorable our Captains of industry and political leaders are they wouldn't use price controls to manipulate the market and political landscape. Come on how naive do you have to be. Business is ruthless and the law is bent, ignored and disgraced in order to get away with what you can get away with.

We waste tax payer money on bridges to nowhere but don't federally fund stem cell research because why - we are compassionate conservatives, or because we are courting a certain voter block that has above average fanaticism to vote than the general middle class. Let's think long and hard about that. Stem cell research like abortion, welfare reform, activist judges, immigration are "wedge" issues meant to get out the vote. It has nothing to do with science, the validity of the science or the intelligent use of tax payer money. It's about staying in power to further game the system to your advantage. Rush is a stooge because he thinks his lock step pandering gets him favor with those higher up gaming the system. No one respects him except the gullible he manipulates on the powerful's behalf. They used to call "wedge issues" political footballs. Because the religious zealots (who are ruining the world everywhere as per usual) are more passionate about voting they get lip service from the frauds in the White House. The biggest problem for the republican grip on power is that this voting block now understands that Bush isn't the "Pastor in Chief" but a reformed drug and alcohol abuser who has built his life and career on a series of lies and used them (they allowed themselves to be duped).

Except for the most devout Bush has lost the flock so to speak. But don't worry their irrational agenda of dumbing down the Constitution won't go away. They'll continue to seek a national religion to reaffirm their beliefs, and strip us of our freedoms all in the name of some board of governors sitting at the hierarchy of the political Church and their individual quest for power and control.

None of this has anything to do with god or Jesus because "what would Jesus do" he would help people and the Republican Party is way short on that one. The goal is power people - that's what they are all fighting for in the mid east and why gutter politics is the norm. The citizens must stop aligning themselves blindly to either party or candidate or personality or even news source and start thinking about electing the best people, not the best, wealthiest campaigners. I would shy away from them as obviously they have more people to answer to before they get to our concerns (the working stiffs).

Watch Rush here it's just plain ugly and classless.

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