Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bush, Oil, Thomas Jefferson and The California Energy Crisis

Clay Jenkins the host of the Thomas Jefferson Hour is fond of saying that he thinks George W. Bush "has" our best interest at heart. I think Clay is being naive on purpose as to not offend, and to make a larger point about political discourse (of which I agree - love his show) and that W. is not scheming against us. Well that may be the truth specifically but when the man says - out of his own mouth - that his real constituents are not the have nots, or the haves, but the have mores - we are all in trouble. From Cheney's secret commission on energy policy to Karl Rove's gutter campaign tactics this man has been bad for America at home and across the globe. They liken him to Hitler in Europe.

A word on gasoline prices - they have mysteriously gone done. Now before you snap back at me - as a conspiracy nut - the excuses for them being so high in the first place were China's consumption and the lack of refineries (not oil) - well those scenarios haven't changed. Oil pricing shouldn't be a mystery that we just accept. These companies are in business to sell oil so we won't see higher mileage standards on cars as long as their minions run the legislative body. That's bad for the environment, bad for our pocket books, bad for the economy (overall) and bad for national security. Inaction on this issue is bad for America. With full control of the legislative agenda this should have been done 9/12/01 and should have been a top priority because of it's national security implications. If it wasn't for oil we wouldn't be in the mideast and would be drawing up the final borders of Isreal and Palestine by now.

Is it beyond imagination that powerful men "game" the market to control the political landscape and keep power to maximize their profits? I think back to the California energy crisis and how that was foisted on the citizens of California in fraudulent ways. Out of petulance the Republican President hung California out to dry with weeks of inaction because they didn't vote for him or because his Enron stock was skyrocketing. That was another poor decision by a short sighted man who knows how to win ugly and lie to get his way but not how to govern with wisdom or lead with dignity and precision. The waste of tax payer money in subsidies to big oil, bridges to nowhere, and the unforgivable transgressions on the Separation of Church and State doom this fool son of a Presidential father to the dust bin of history. Hopefully James Baker will reel him in and prevent him from doing further damage and making a real mark on human history by invading another country.

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