Wednesday, October 25, 2006

George Bush Liar in Chief

This from Dick Pollman's Blog Yesterday.

...Conservative columnist David Brooks, assessing the mood of moderate northeastern Republicans in The Times yesterday, said it well: “The core problem with suburban voters is not the decision to go to war; it’s the White House’s reaction to the mess afterward…The people in (suburban) offices manage information for a living, and when they see Republicans denying obvious trends, or shutting out relevant data, they say to themselves, ‘Those people are not like me.’ So there goes your majority.”...

My response -
Bingo - the last paragraph say's it all - you can not mange anything successfully with that kind of an arrogant, flat out stupid attitude. New information comes daily. Yes have a core set of ethics, and values but when denial is one of them you are in big trouble. I find it interesting that a President with a past history of abusing cocaine and alcohol has a denial problem. Go figure!

Most addictive personalities have this problem. We by ignoring his past alcohol and drug abuse - which he had to turn to religion (another opiate of the people) to cure - have elected (twice now) a man who is not honest and worst of all for all of us and worse for him personally - not honest with himself.

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