Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac Hits Hurricane Strength as it Nears New Orleans

 Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal already called for Uncle Sam (me and you) to make a full reimbursement to Louisiana for a storm that hasn't happened yet because government is bad, we need to fend for ourselves and rugged individualism is the preferred path.

BBC News - Isaac hits hurricane strength as it nears New Orleans

Friday, August 10, 2012

Jerry Week 08/10/2012 - The Encore!

Jerry Day 10 - the encore! For today's selection I've gone with the So Many Roads Box Set Sampler featuring 10 selections from the 5 CD release. Again I don't know where this one came from probably a toss in from mail order but its a nice selection with some meaty cuts a ten minute Estimated a seventeen minute Shakedown and a seven minute Eternity.

I also have Rhino's wonderful Very Best Of cued up. When this was first coming out I thought "uh oh" how can they do the Dead justice. I mean a best of really? The Dead are a live band first in the moment but the disc is spot on. It has a great selection of tunes. It rides in the car well and is good for subverting the reluctant or unaware into the dead universe. The more the merrier! (~):D

So Happy Friday everyone. Its wonderful to be here its certainly a thrill give yourself a hug and hug a friend. Keep the Jerry vibe going all weekend and throughout the year. Summer never ends the weather just changes!

Paul (~):D

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Jerry Garcia Week The Days Between August 9, 2012

August 9th - all good things come to an end, but do they?  Apparently the day Jerry died his astral vibe knocked out electrical systems around the Bay area and the airport had to shut down for a while.  Energy transformed?  In Oakland on August 9, 1995, the ATC system lost all radar and radio contact with airborne planes down for one hour and eighteen minutes 333 flight delays attributed to one operational error (I bet).  It's a mystery to me and I'm okay with that.  When its my time I'm diving right in off the Tee Dock at flood tide.  I'll say this Jerry week has got me writing again and on a daily basis.  Its hard to divide up the energy between advocacy, work, home and playing/learning the guitar, plus I want to add painting back into the mix.  You're life is like a block of clay mold it however you want.  Keep trying.

Today's selection from the archives is the "I don't know how it got there" show.  That's right where the heck did this tape come from?  Anybody know?  Seriously.  I'm one of those that knows where everything is in the house and for the life of me I can't remember where this tape came from.  I remember a total stranger handing me the Duane Allman Grateful tape at a party once back in the 1980's remember the moment clearly but this one baffles me.  And of course its wonderful.  Oklahoma City 11/15/1972. 

A lot of serious fans will be familiar with this show why?  Not because it was mass produced and sold in stores but apparently it was passed around so much I don't even know where the damn thing came from?  Why?  Because right now in fact and in my ear Jerry and the band are playing some serious bug music.  It might be under the cover of Playin in the Band but it stopped being that song about 10 minutes ago.

And so it goes Kurt last nights gig surprised me it was such a mellow affair.  I had people right on top of me but it was a burst of energy and then it cascaded down from there.  Personally I like it quiet and mellow I can work on my flat picking.  I'm no Tony Rice not even the gum on his shoe and I'm trying out a new flat pick.  I got to deliver some lyrics really trying hard to inhabit the song.  Reminding myself while not screwing up the chord changes to not just merely repeat the words.

Because I don't plug in (remember the environment) my finger picking doesn't deliver the sound waves needed for this room.  So quiet is good for me.  It's odd how the music has a life of its own.  And while I was thinking I'm loosing the tourists and locals I stayed in the groove of the moment.  I couldn't shake the groove.  When its like that you probably shouldn't.  No table full of ABB fans getting rowdy just surprised individuals watching quietly.  More contemplative I got my nods, smiles, comments and applause to let me know they were with me but it was definitely a set I didn't think was going to come out. 

So that's it for Jerry week no great secrets unfolded just a reminder of the mystery.  And if that's what Jerry brought to the table he did yo-mans work for the creative forces.  All I'm sure of is that there is a creative energy with a mind of its own and we are active participants.  Manifested in a lot of different ways including dinosaurs and us are we not just as ridiculous stomping around, thrashing tearing everything and each other up or quietly being leaf eaters?

Music teaches us to listen.  It can be just another distraction from contemplation another cacophony of the unexamined life but its safe to say that Jerry's kids although sometimes caught up in the trappings listen more completely, more actively, with their hearts and minds.  Its fun being conscious of the collective consciousness.  Its even better when we put the positive out into the jet stream.  Listen to the music play and don't be in a hurry for it to unfold.  Its a life lesson.  Let it wash over you like a warm waterfall.  Floatation is groovy.  I could play it small here but I'm not so enjoy the journey the trials and tribulations.  The truth carry's the day even though we don't always see it eventually even the most ardent denialist wakes up.  Carry that zig, zag, prankster spirit with you and let that bemused and amused smile come out but be careful who you bonk.  The cynical bullies serve their purpose.  All aboard the segue is on its way.  You bet I had a dead sled - Paul (~):D

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Jerry Garcia Week The Days Between 08/08/2012

Happy 8/8/2012 Jerry Week continues- many years ago I stumbled into a little hippie shop in Richmond Virginia which was a notorious dead head enclave back in the day.  As I thumbed through their CD collection amongst incense and tapestries I found something called "Bay Area Boogie" that featured West Coast Shows from Berkley, Oakland and San Diego.  The San Diego slice is Cold, Rain and Snow from 1/10/1970.  The Berkley slice is Deal and Dark Star from 7/13/1984 and the Oakland selections are Slipknot/Franklin's Tower, One More Saturday Night and US Blues from 10/09/1978 and Shakedown Street and Samson and Delilah from12/28/1982.

I'm sure to hard core collectors these selections or even this collection is nothing new but to me finding this little gem in Richmond when I was going to be away from home for six months was a god send.  Thank you Bay Area Boogie for softening the road for me and for the wonderful mix - smile, smile, smile. 

Another disc I'll be getting to today features the classic "Eat at Dave’s".  If memory serves this is Jerry riffing on US Blues either because he forgot the lyrics or sang it so many damn times he had to goof it up for grins.  This disc arrived in my hands through a story of wrath and redemption all within a week which I have become all too used to in my Journey fooled by looks, manipulated by fear, fueled by pharmaceuticals, tarred and feathered all within 24 hours.  Fortunately for me I'm largely clueless as to the subterfuge that whirls around me and I just go plugging along.  This does leave me confused when people come and go abruptly or try to run circles around me, but I've learned to be undeterred.  In the end vindicated is a word I have sadly become all too familiar. 

This 1987 collection from New York is a peach and chock full of good stuff along with classics it features la bamba, devil with the blue dress on, good golly miss molly and the aforementioned eat at daves.  So here's to you NY if I can make it there I can make it anywhere!  And all of you out there who can and do eventually think for yourself....rock on!

Keep the vibe going and enjoy your simple twist of fate that has brought you to the here and now life is amazing, the planet is real and you are the song that the morning brings make it a good one.  Paul (~):D

Jerry Garcia Week Day 7

Happy Day 7 of Jerry Week - Today's show from my modest archive is from 04/08/1985 - another high energy show that is one of my favorites. An audience tape the crowd is pumped pumped, pumped and singing along. Its fun to hear, and the band is talkative. This one is about fun. They kick things off with Midnight Hour into Walking The Dog, Big Boss Man, Me and My Uncle, Cumberland Blues, and Ain't Superstitious all at a furious clip. Finally they take a breath with Althea and bounce the crowd a little reggae vibe. The mid 80's crowd is ecstatic, cheering along every chance they get and happy to see the boys again.

While yesterdays space and drums set was eerie Apocalypse Now today's space and drums set is very, very, very much Close Encounters of the Third/Fourth Kind.  Mickey sets some sort of feedback loop and "they're here" the mothership is landing and the crowd just looses it...

Have a grateful day everybody and reflect on a little "sunshine" wherever you go. Look at things differently and remember we are on a planet of all things hurtling through space spinning like a top furiously on our axis. Remember that and hold it close, let it color your actions and attitudes and enjoy the acceleration on your journey home.

Paul (~):D

Monday, August 06, 2012

Jerry Week The Days Between 08/06/2012

Happy Day 6 of Jerry Week. Today's show is 9/22/1987 Spencer Davis Opens the Second Set. I remember seeing a white strat as Bobby introduced him. Everyone is up on their feet in an instant rush, cheering as they launch into Gimmie Some Lovin'. Hard to tell who was first us or Phil's Bass Line.

It's been a great week so far and I'm truly inspired by the interviews from Bobby's web feed. It was sweet seeing and hearing Bobby and Donna singing again and side by side. Good ol' grateful dead we miss Keith as well as Brent, Ron and Vince. No crazy Dead stories today. We took a road trip discovered a new State Park and roads not taken. I will zig back and say this 9/22/87 show is tearing up little red rooster right now- third song in on the first set.

So road trip; We celebrated Jerry Weekend by going to see the Allman Brothers Band in Raleigh at Walnut Creek Amphitheater Saturday night. I gotta say that's a nice venue and we had pretty good seats for pulling the trigger late but they were searching for tickets because on a Saturday night in Raleigh that show was sold out.

The Band? I can't even write about how good they were I can't even find the words to begin describing. Words are utterly useless in even getting close to what we witnessed Saturday night and a recounting of the set list pointless. I have seen this band almost as often as I've seen the Dead and if anyone thinks they are slowing down you have got to be kidding me. Mindblowingly tremendous, jaw droopingly stupendous, phenomenally beyond comprehension, dumbstruck, blown away again?????? Left a smoking creator on my mind, faced, laughingly ridiculously, speechless. I guess they're warmed up now!!???!! Shrugged shoulders can't explain shaking of the head wide eyed bowed - do it again???!!!!!??!!!

Jaw Dropping is the first phrase I could utterly speak. Just utter and sheer dis-belief. An anchor of a rhythm section Hammond B-3, three drum sets and a bass that could have saved the Titanic. Oteil I love you.

There are no words that I can utter that can even touch what we witnessed Saturday night. I'm having a religious experience during Dreams. Warren and Derek. That's all I can say and Gregg. His color was good, his voice was fine. Liver transplant, pneumonia that cut short the European tour, book tour with tired interviews, Hepatitis, it looks like the Hernia is all that is bothering him now as he ambled down from his keyboard rig a little stiffly at the end of the show, and when he and Butch took a short break mid show.

Blazing set list real core ABB Dreams Liz Read, One Way Out, Statesboro Blues, Electric Midnight Rider, Black Hearted Woman. Tell me that tune doesn't chug. Its the performance behind those familiar titles that's the deal in the moment as we all know. They hit the note kids with a rocket launcher. This show still had people applauding even after Little Martha finished playing over the PA system. The lights were already up and the stage hands were striking the show and applause at the end of Little Martha from the still standing fans...too much.

Ahhh the fans - now this I can write about. I've seen the ABB with their family in Macon but North Carolina is sort of a second home to them friends and family living there. I knew when I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd opening for them that I was going into the belly of the beast. Skynyrd god bless em now down to just Rossington from the original band had a new set of musicians from the last time I saw them and I will say this they nailed their set list. It sounded spot on. And I'll leave it there. But the fans were out in force hog tide and hell bent for a good time. It was like a war zone when we left going over the lawn section. Literally bodies down and out "hey you can't sleep it off here!" People crumbling under the weight of their own fun, weak kneed wrecks, spewing, unapologetic, heads rolling, clutching backpacks like life preservers, confederate flag waving motorcycle mama we're in the south mother fucker and proud of it! It's been a while since I've been in a group of such tremendously fucked up people barefoot in the ladies room confederate flag bikini top and hell ya!

They blazed, blazed, blazed through a nearly two hour set caught Derek grinning at Warren while Warren shredded, caught Warren shaking his head at Gregg, caught Gregg holding up the band with one hand while he extended his thought on a rumbling stanza, loved Derek parked next to Gregg and the shot of Derek, Butch and Warren driving the music together on the big screen. Needless to say I had my huge Garcia tee shirt on and the road goes on forever. We walked out over a blitzed field full of 24 oz beer cans thrown, strewn and crushed like howitzer sized shrapnel, bodies crumbled and motionless as the still standing recede like the tide down the staircases back to their cars amidst chants of USA, USA, and honey give "me" the keys all under a bright rising moon and a shooting star.

Paul (~):D

82-Year-Old Nun Shuts Down Top-Secret Nuclear Facility

82-Year-Old Nun Shuts Down Top-Secret Nuclear Facility | Care2 Causes:

Although the activists triggered security sensors they were still able to reach the building’s walls before WSI Oak Ridge staff intercepted them.

In a statement the three activists said they had passed through four fences and walked for “over two hours” before reaching the uranium storage building, on which they hung banners and crime-scene tape.

N.J. Solar Energy Outshines Other 49 States

How N.J. solar energy outshines the other 49 states | NJ.com:

To say that New Jersey has made leaps and bounds in the solar industry is an understatement. In the first quarter of this year, New Jersey has become the largest solar market in America, with the rate of installations even outpacing the much larger, much sunnier California. New Jersey remains second only to California in total megawatts of solar power installed, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The solar market, most importantly, brings jobs and a boost to the economy. With unemployment at 9.6 percent - currently fourth-worst in the country - this is crucial. Let's be clear - this is the reason why the cut-happy Christie took solar subsidies off the fiscal chopping block. The solar industry in New Jersey employs nearly 3,000 workers and comprises close to 500 businesses, according to 2011 data from the Solar Foundation.

Utilities Try To Derail Metering Program

Campaign Launched to Counter Utilities' Efforts to Derail California's Net Metering Program - CleanTechnica:

Well-entrenched businesses will fight tooth and nail to maintain their market dominance and keep doing business in the same, well-entrenched ways — push from new technology, public interest groups, consumers, and government policies and regulations notwithstanding.
The vast majority of Americans have been ill-served by government policies of the past two decades that have greatly expanded the freedom of banks and multinational businesses to move money and assets across borders while allowing them to evade taxes, regulation, and accountability here at home.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Jerry Week Day Three - 08/03/2012

Welcome to day three - caught up on some rest - today's nugget from the personal archives (which is a modest not obsessive collection) is the 4/19/84 show.  I remember arriving late and getting a parking spot right up front at the Civic Center in Philadelphia as a rejected miracle seeker gave up his early spot. We literally parked the "vista cruiser" right next to the venue, "oh there it is!"

We promptly hustled in with the rest of the stragglers. Even more intimate than the spectrum we had impressive seats stage left up about 12 rows. But our intrepid leader was blasted on a huge bag of columbian marching powder and lead us down a wrong corridor into the bowels of the auditorium where there wasn't a soul.

With a hundred years of white durable lead paint and a psychiatric styled linoleum floor it was adorned by spirit withering florescent lights and we wondered if we would end up mole people never again seeing the light of day. We laughed maniacally as we pitifully tried to open doors that were sealed shut with gobs of freshly coated paint sealing the gaps as if years of zombies worked mindlessly painting away.  Somehow we are underneath the band as Phil drives the bass line into Bertha. Being less demented then the elders of the tribe I reversed course, climbed stairs two at a time and found our way back to humanity. With ushers not bothering we climbed over endless stair dwellers, boosted squatters and found our seats. We were now on top of the band shoulder to shoulder with our brethren in a rowdy, delighted rambunctious east coast crowd. They gave us plenty of room. It was a ridiculous and absurd adventure to and from the show but that's why we go and years latter this show still sounds pretty damn good. Clean not sloppy energetic and sung well. When the boys were on they were on.

Paul (~):D

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Jerry Garcia The Days Between Day One - 08/01/2012

Well Jerry Week kicked off for me with a rousing start.  I have a theory that over the year while many of us are scattered to our own destiny and journey our collective focus is also scattered.  That's okay but good ol'Jerry like when the band came into to town focus's our scattered collective conscious and unconscious energy, and we crawl out of the woodwork raised up a notch or two. 

In the past we were all in one spot a hockey arena or bigger or smaller indoor or outdoor.  But these days our forces aren't physical assembled (well there's further, and widespread and jazz fest etc but scattered like lost words).  Is physically being in one spot really necessary or even possible with all our numbers and separate camps and diverse overlapping interest?  No its not. 

Between August 1st and August 9th we focus back up coalescing around celebration.  The tee shirts come back out the tunes get replayed, the songs get sung far and wide from the feverishly daily dedicated to the been there done that almost forgot about it crowd and all around the globe.  A tiger by the tail emerges that has enormous energy and manifests itself in seen and unseen ways like a porch light thrown on illuminating the seemingly mundane to our tired eyes, and we feel it.  

Last night I was again bowled over by that collective consciousness.  Small things that would loose energy and not translate well held me transfixed as I physically witnessed the commingling of the infinite and the finite here on this earthly plane.  Oh don't think it can't happen.  It happens all the time.  It's down to whether we are wise to it or not.

For those who know me best; I witnessed the Jeana Flox being visited by a ridiculously huge and beautiful butterfly. It looked surreal Dalia’esque except it had the more peaceful beauty of nature.  I had two tables full of Allman Brother fans and their kids cheering, dancing and clapping.  Then at the end of the gig out of nowhere a guy with an Oakland A’s Tee shirt on celebrating the 70’s championships (72,73,74,89) brings up Johnny’s Dance Band…!?  I felt, “what is going on tonight,” and then drove home under a full moon.

Well that’s day one.  I’ll never make it all nine days (yes I will).  Yesterday I listened to 9/21/73 in its entirety and today I’m going with 5/4/81 in its entirety. 

Enjoy your heightened sense of awareness and put your antennas up.
Paul (~):D