Thursday, August 02, 2012

Jerry Garcia The Days Between Day One - 08/01/2012

Well Jerry Week kicked off for me with a rousing start.  I have a theory that over the year while many of us are scattered to our own destiny and journey our collective focus is also scattered.  That's okay but good ol'Jerry like when the band came into to town focus's our scattered collective conscious and unconscious energy, and we crawl out of the woodwork raised up a notch or two. 

In the past we were all in one spot a hockey arena or bigger or smaller indoor or outdoor.  But these days our forces aren't physical assembled (well there's further, and widespread and jazz fest etc but scattered like lost words).  Is physically being in one spot really necessary or even possible with all our numbers and separate camps and diverse overlapping interest?  No its not. 

Between August 1st and August 9th we focus back up coalescing around celebration.  The tee shirts come back out the tunes get replayed, the songs get sung far and wide from the feverishly daily dedicated to the been there done that almost forgot about it crowd and all around the globe.  A tiger by the tail emerges that has enormous energy and manifests itself in seen and unseen ways like a porch light thrown on illuminating the seemingly mundane to our tired eyes, and we feel it.  

Last night I was again bowled over by that collective consciousness.  Small things that would loose energy and not translate well held me transfixed as I physically witnessed the commingling of the infinite and the finite here on this earthly plane.  Oh don't think it can't happen.  It happens all the time.  It's down to whether we are wise to it or not.

For those who know me best; I witnessed the Jeana Flox being visited by a ridiculously huge and beautiful butterfly. It looked surreal Dalia’esque except it had the more peaceful beauty of nature.  I had two tables full of Allman Brother fans and their kids cheering, dancing and clapping.  Then at the end of the gig out of nowhere a guy with an Oakland A’s Tee shirt on celebrating the 70’s championships (72,73,74,89) brings up Johnny’s Dance Band…!?  I felt, “what is going on tonight,” and then drove home under a full moon.

Well that’s day one.  I’ll never make it all nine days (yes I will).  Yesterday I listened to 9/21/73 in its entirety and today I’m going with 5/4/81 in its entirety. 

Enjoy your heightened sense of awareness and put your antennas up.
Paul (~):D

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